Training and Development For Sustainable Change and Desired Results

"Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement.
Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to mange the change that is inevitable."

William Pollard

ADVANCED SYSTEMS' process solutions are to improve the personal and professional performance of those involved and the culture of an organization thus allowing the strategies, systems and people to work together driving internal customer loyalty. These process solutions can provide assistance within a variety of industries including education, financial services, for-profit businesses, government agencies, health care, manufacturers, not-for-profit organizations and professional services.

decorative imageOur response to the question of "What does that look like for our organization or me?" is "That depends." To help better clarify that question and our response, please click here and take a few moments to identify some of the "problems" facing you or your organization.

Some of our process solutions are:

Continual Improvement and Organizational Development

Customer Loyalty and Growth

Executive and Personal Coaching



Youth Leadership, Character and Job Readiness Development

Additional process services are:

Customized Training and Instructional Design

What we can share with you is that our process solutions work for 2 reasons:

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you connect your
3-P's ~ Passion, Purpose & Performance.
Continued peace and abundance to you,

Signed Leanne Hoagland-Smith, M.S. President

decorative imageCorporate Development and Training

Through our affiliation with Resource Associates Corporation, we can provide development and training in other states as well as internationally. Also we can deliver CEU's for nurses in all 50 states.

Leadership Seminars

Locating a relevant and affordable leadership seminar is always a challenge. Yet, finding a series of linked seminars on leadership that can be delivered on site, respect your time, customized to fit your needs and can begin to help you overcome your organizational issues further compound that challenge. In response, we offer two options:

Seminar 1—First Step to Great Leadership—Creating a Compelling Vision
Seminar 2—The Real Leadership Challenge—Getting & Maintaining Peak Performance
Seminar 3—How to Outperform & Outlast the Competition

Seminar 1—Assessing the Problems Not the Symptoms
Seminar 2—A Strength Based Results Perspective
Seminar 3—3 Levels of Alignment—Where is Your Organization?
Seminar 4—Removing the Brakes and Finding the Right Track
Seminar 5—The Right Fuel

These seminars can be delivered weekly, monthly or quarterly on your site at your designated time. All participants receive customized fieldbooks. If you are truly seeking some innovative seminars that are designed to help you overcome some of your current obstacles, please call 219.759.5601 or drop us an email.

We work with organizations both for-profit and not-for profit who wish to sponsor these seminars or any other seminars to help them achieve their goals. We can provide testimonies from organizations that have already experienced these "Leadership Seminars" and the value that they derived from them.


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