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Are you tired:

So what sales actions or marketing actions are you currently taking?

If you as an auto dealership, auto dealer, car salesman, car saleswoman or used car salesman could sell a minimum of 2 cars per week and potentially 4, what would that do for you?

Top Car Sales Profile Assessment

If you would like to take this free Top Car Sales Profile assessment, complete the form below to receive your assessment (downloadable PDF file). P.S. It will take some time on your part, but if you willing to invest that time, you may learn some reasons why you are not selling at least 15 cars each month.

Selling Cars Is Easier Than Selling Almost Anything Else!

You might be shaking your head and saying this lady doesn't know what she is talking about!

What is the first criteria necessary to make a sale?

ANSWER: Having a NEED Everyone, well almost everyone, needs a car. People do not have pressing needs for executive coaching, business coaching or many of the other professional serivces out there. People do not have a pressing need for fancy jewelry, state of the art stoves or many of the other products out in the market place. But, again, almost everyone has a need for a car whether a brand new car or a used car. And this need is known by the prospect which even makes it a lot easier for you than sales people in other industries.

So Why Are You Not Selling at Least 15 Cars Per Month?

Answer: Failure to Market, Failure to Use a Proven Sales Process and Failure to Plan

The days of having people walk through your dealership unprepared is over. Marketing is now part of your responsibility as a salesman. Expecting the dealership to physically bring in customers is delusional. And you are just setting yourself up for continued struggles as mentioned earlier. You need to get off your chair and stop being an order taker and begin to market yourself, your auto dealership so that you begin to build those necessary relationships.

Your potential customers are far more educated than ever before. This is a good thing provided you change your beliefs beginning with that the majority of people think car salesmen or salewomen are less than ethical. When you hold those beliefs, you are actually broadcasting them to potential buyers and turning them off. You cannot change the past, but you can change the present and the future, by changing your beliefs and therefore your attitudes.

You need a proven sales process. However, the auto dealership or the auto dealer must align all of their actions including policies and procedures to this sales process. You cannot expect to increase sales when your finance manager to the service manager take actions that actually decrease sales and build unsatisfied customers. For example, when a customer comes in to pick up the vehicle, that vehicle should be ready, all finance paperwork should be ready as promised. There should not be a single minute delay because time is money for your customer as well as yourself.

Planning is critical to any salesmen or saleswomen success. Your day should be making phone calls, scheduling appointments, meeting with potential customers. It is your responsibility to create a plan to bring clients through the doors. Walks ins are and should always be the icing on the cake so to speak, but never your main revenue stream.

If you could increase sales, would that have value for you?

Recognizing that car salesmen or saleswomen have the same challenges as most others involved in selling, I wrote an easy to read combination sales training e book and e workbook: Simply Speaking, Increase Sales By.... Within these pages are some ver practical marketing tips, selling tips and planning tips. Your minimal investment is $9.95

And, I will give you as an additional incentive the Four Points to Top Car Salesman or Saleswoman Sales Success. This planning tool will track all of your marketing and sales activities in a very simple to use format. All, you need to do is to make 20 points per week and you should sell 2 cars; 30 points usually means 3 cars and 40 points gets you 4 cars. How do I know this? I used this with one of my clients and after 6 weeks, these averages were quite consistent. Remember: If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it!

For your investment of $9.95 you will receive:

A Total Value of $29.90 is just yours for $9.95.

If you think that $9.95 is too much given all the free stuff out there, then what is it costing you not to take action? Every minute you waste on not achieving your sales goal is costing you at least $.50 per minute or $30 per hour if you want income of at least $50,000 per year.

After making your payment through PayPal, I will send you all documents electronically within 24 to 48 hours in a PDF file. Please make sure your email will accept email from sales at

If you wish to connect with me, contact information is below. Until we speak, may your life be filled with peace and abundance. Leanne Hoagland-Smith



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