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decorative imageIn what ways would an increase in ONE letter grade
affect your grade point average?


National research continues to suggest that our young people are making minimal academic improvement during the last 33 years. For 17 year olds, their reading performance has not changed from 1971. Thirteen year olds have gained only 4 points in reading scores in 33 years and the researchers call this gain significant! (Source: National Assessment of Educational Progress or NAEP)

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What is keeping young people from success?

Since most people do not truly know what they specifically want out of life, why would young people be any different. Through a 7 lesson on line free email coaching program, young people, educators and parents can understand what it takes to Reach for the Stars. Sign up below and begin to chart a course for your success.

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Adult or Student:

Do you agree with the "experts"(?) that
improve test scores alone will help our young people to achieve success?

If you agree with the experts that improve test scores along through the "outside-in" solutions will work, then stop reading right now! Our life skills and student leadership program would definitely not work for your students, your children, your teachers, your parents, your staff or even yourself.



However, if you believe that the time has arrived for a sustainable life skills and leadership approach that begins from within each individual then please continue to read.

decorative imageIs

A Goal?

During the next 25 years, technology advances and the global marketplace will create new jobs that we cannot even envision. Unfortunately, ongoing research suggests that less young people are completing advanced learning either in 2 year or 4 year programs. And, if they do achieve a 2-year or 4-year degree, over 50% will:

ADVANCED SYSTEMS' belief is that our society has set our youth up for failure. America's future needs a proven student leadership model to reverse this disturbing trend. Please take a few moments to identify some of your issues or the issues facing your young person.

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Research suggests:

Consider the following two questions:

Do YOU really wish to spend an additional $3,000 to $75,000?
And more importantly,
What other needs do you have for that money?

STOPIf you are satisfied with the performance of your young person or student, then stop reading right now. However, if you desire better grades, high performance and improved classroom management from your young people and are looking for the key to unlock what you know to be true about their potential, then please continue.

Would you like to:

Since 1999, ADVANCED SYSTEMS has been conducting an ongoing survey for young people, their parents and their teachers. We have learned 6 critical facts:

  1. No young person desires failure.
  2. No parent, caregiver or teacher desires failure for any young person.
  3. Young people want success.
  4. Adults want young people to be successful.



This leads to an often unasked question:

"If everyone desires success, then
why don't we have greater success
for our young people and in our schools?"

Please take a few moments to identify some of the issues facing today's young people.

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Are You Seeking the Magic Pill to Help Your Teenage College Bound Student or Post-Secondary Bound Student?

Many people are seeking the magic pill or quick fix to help their teenagers. Let's be honest, there is NO magic pill. The solution that you are seeking must come from the inside of your teenager and not from the outside in. If outside in truly worked, after spending 8 plus years in school, why is your teenager still having problems?

WANTED: Self Responsible Knowledge Workers

The 21st Century Workers will need to be self-responsible and self-directed or what is now defined as having high emotional intelligence (EI) levels. Note: Research suggests that high EI is critical to future success. These young people will need to manage and leverage their knowledge to stay competitive. Continuing their educational experience with the expectation that it is OK to do mediocre or average work is the OLD paradigm of the 20th Century. The 21st Century demands knowledge workers who have the skill sets to perform at high levels in a free workplace as compared to the highly controlled 19th and 20th centuries work environments.

decorative imageImprove Performance by ONE Letter Grade which is ONLY 10%

Implement an Aligned Solution Avoid the Traditional Silo or Outside-In Solutions

No one, we repeat no one, can change anyone's behavior. True life-long change comes from within each individual and that is what we mean by "inside-out." Sustainable improvement comes from the inside-out because the individual WANTS to change.

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Help your young person by providing them with thestudent leadership skills that they are not receiving. Give them the knowledge and tools to build a successful future.

Yes, There is A Secret Formula for Student Success in Middle School, High School and College

Well, it really isn't a secret. It's just that most have students, their parents and teachers have never caught on, but we have found ways to catapult students' results beyond their expectations as well as their parents.

Would you like your teenager or student to be a LEADER who is:

Improve your son's, daughter's or student's performance by at least 10%!

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If you are interested in your daughter, son or students completing high school, achieving good grades and having a career plan for a post secondary experience such as 4 year college, 2 year college or a skilled trade apprentice program, then consider a 25-year old proven student leadership process that generates measurable, life long results.

Today's young people need opportunities and the tools to first lead themselves before they can lead others in the home, in school or in the workforce. Please consider the following:

If you are a business owner or executive and believe that young people need to develop the leadership, character and job readiness skills demanded by today's 21st Century Business World and that they are currently not receiving these skills, please consider sponsoring scholarships for Rising Stars.

If as a young person you truly desire to improve your life skills and leadership skills or if you desire to provide your daughter, son or student with the necessary tools, skills, knowledge and attitudes required of today's knowledge worker, then learn more about how this life skills program is scheduled. Please feel free to give a call at 219.759.5601 or drop us an email.

Rising Stars can be delivered also to home schoolers, youth organizations such as YMCA or Boy's & Girls Clubs and not for profit organizations such as Workforce Investment Youth Programs, etc.

Professional development through leadership skill training is available for your staff to be trained to deliver this dynamic life skills, leadership and work or job readiness curriculum. Please call 219.759.5601 or drop us an email for details.

Student Leadership Daily Quotation

"All high achievers plan their work and work their plan, for they are keenly aware that "luck" is mot often being prepared to take advantage of a situation."



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