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The Simply Speaking Series Defined

The Simply Speaking book series are developed with 3 Guiding Principles.

  1. Simple ? The strategies and tools within these books are purposely designed to be simple. Also, the actual design of each e-book or e-workbook is simple as well. Size, style and color of font to paragraph construction and graphics are combined to simply enhance the message. My goal is for your to retain and then apply what you have read if it makes sense to you.
  2. Speaking ? The words you are reading are me speaking to you and sharing both my knowledge and wisdom. Trendy sales jargon to theoretical models is not what you will be reading. Rather, I will be speaking from a personal perspective because I want you to enjoy what you are reading and more importantly put at least some of these ideas into practice.
  3. Results - These e-books or e-workbooks are results focused. Being a life-long learner in today's world is not enough. You MUST be a self-directed learner who is focused on acquiring knowledge with the expressed purpose of being able to apply that knowledge. Improve performance is what will get you to where you want to go, not just some more knowledge.

Simply Speaking Series is Unique

What makes this series of e-book or e-workbooks unique beyond the 3 Guiding Principles is that you, the reader, will have an opportunity to determine the next title based upon your needs. The first 2 Simply Speaking Books have already been written. However, the content of all following books will be voted on through an auto-responder by potential readers. The topic or the working title that receives the most votes will become the next published e-book.

Current Titles


This is the best E-Book that I have read. —Cheryl Clausen, Coach

Simply Speaking, Increase Sales by... This combination e-book and e-workbook is a collection of articles devoted to marketing, selling and planning with the goal to increase sales. Release date is August 17, 2007.

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Simply Speaking, Become the Best

This book will look at a question about your personal best and how the answer to that question may catapult you far closer to where you want to be. Release date is mid-September, 2007.

Future Working Titles

Simply Speaking, Achieve More Goals

Simply Speaking, Get More Time

Simply Speaking, Nurture Customer Loyalty

Simply Speaking, Develop Ethical Leaders

Future Topics

Business or Organizational Development

Self-Improvement or Personal Development

Below is how you can vote for any of the above titles or topics. A space has been for you to insert your own idea. Also by voting, you will receive notice of each Simply Speaking book and have the advantage of a price break for the first two weeks.

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