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Before you continue reading about this incredible e book, I wanted you respect your time by telling you upfront that this e book dedicated to your goal to increase sales will cost you less than $10. Now that you know your potential investment, you can continue to read or leave this page. My thanks, Leanne Hoagland-Smith, for visiting.

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Are you tired of reading sales training books that:

Simply Speaking, Increase Sales by . . .

This e-book is really a combination e-book and an e-workbook designed to help you close some of the gaps preventing you from sales success. As mentioned in the first paragraph, your investment is $9.97 plus applicable sales taxes and anywhere from 3 hours to who knows of your time. That all depends upon how much you really want to change your current sales results.

Possibly, you may be thinking that $9.97 is far too expensive or cheap? Maybe you are right given the results that this investment has yielded to date for those who have already made the purchase. Read the testimonials below from absolutely delighted readers who have willingly shared their feelings and results.

As a performance improvement strategist and developmental executive coach, I do not believe that performance improvement is rocket science nor should you be charged rocket science prices. My ebook The Three Missing Pieces to Organizational and Professional Success was written because of that very belief.

With the year half over, are you satisfied with your sales results and your ability to consistently set and achieve those sales goals?

A Your investment is just $9.97 USD.

You will receive your electronic combination book and workbook within 24 to 48 hours upon verification from PayPal. Please make sure that your email will accept email from leanne at


Read what others have said about this dynamic sales training book.

This is the best E-Book that I have read. —Cheryl Clausen, Coach, Coaching Mega Agents

This practical workbook covers the essential basics for any growing business. Sprinkle tried and true techniques with innovative ideas and you get a business guide that is easy to understand and implement. Clayton Shold. President, Salesopedia

Reading Leanne's new e-workbook on sales and marketing inspired me to shake off my post-retirement miasma and start thinking about how I am going to grow the second business that I recently started and left languishing. Grant H. DeNormandie, American Barter Company

This ebook has all the sales advice any entrepreneur will need to take their business to the next level. It is a must read for every business owner! Evan Carmichael, President of Evan Carmichael.

Simply Speaking" has inspired me to re-think my relationships with all of my clients. Leanne has made me sit back, listen more and even stop talking. This week alone, 7 orders out of existing clients and 3 new clients. The printed version of this e-book is now on the passenger seat of my vehicle everyday. Rick Gosser, Gosser Corporate Sales Inc., Gosser Corporate Sales Inc.

Every so often a gem falls into your lap and your life - "Simply Speaking" is one of those gems that I have had the opportunity to add to my toolkit. This e book has does more than tell you how to increase your marketing and sales, it actually guides you through steps and tips that give you tangible results. Laura Novakowski, President, Positive Power Strategies

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For the price of a nice lunch ($9.97 plus applicable sales taxes) and a few hours of your time, you can begin to increase your productivity both in sales and within your personal life. If you haven't already purchased your copy, you may do so now.


Most people admit to wasting 12 minutes each work day. This amounts to 1 hour per week or 50 hours per year provided you get a 2 week vacation. What is this wasted time costing you as far as sales?


Just imagine reinvesting that lost time and see those wasted minutes turn into productive ones that will help you achieve not only more sales, but a better and more balanced life. The goal to increase sales must combine effective sales skills with effective time management skills.


If you still haven't made a decision, then possibly you are asking these questions and rightfully so:

Why Leanne? Answer: Because

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