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This dynamic tool allows you to plan your life and work that plan from just one piece of paper so you will not be in the same place this time next year! You will have the ability:

Are You Where You Want To Be?

To get to where we want to be demands the right tool. Traveling the road to success requires a compass and a map. The one page Personal Growth Action Plan will help you close the gap of where you are now to where you want to be. When have the right tools, YOU can achieve amazing results. This is the right tool if you truly want to get to where you want to go.

Imagine keeping your critical goals on just one sheet of paper along with your personal motto!

For just $27.00 (USD) you can have this proven tool along with these additional bonuses:

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You will receive your Personal Growth Action Plan(c) and along with the other bonuses within 24 to 72 hours upon verification from PayPal. Please contact me if you do not receive these items. Make sure that your email will accept email from leanne at processspecialist.com

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Do You Have Ongoing Goals That You Just Can't Seem to Achieve?

Goal setting is a process that most people have never learned. If you want to achieve goals consistently, you need a proven process along with tools that support the process.


Most people admit to wasting 12 minutes each work day. This amounts to 1 hour per week or 50 hours per year provided you get a 2 week vacation. What is this wasted time costing you?

Just imagine reinvesting that lost time and see those wasted minutes turn into productive ones that will help you achieve not only more sales, but a better and more balanced life.


If you still haven't made a decision, then possibly you are asking these questions:

  • Why Leanne? Answer: Because she has a proven track record. She has written over 600 articles. She has worked with multi billion dollar organizations to executive professionals. She has secured mesureable and sustainable results for her clients.
  • What's in it for Me? Answer: Because you want to improve your life and achieve those things that you want.
  • Why Executive Coaching? Answer: Because you have tried other solutions and they have not given your the results that you want. Or other solutions do not work with your schedule, interfere with your schedule and reduce your productivity or free time.
  • Why This Time? Answer: Because you are more than likley not where you want to be from your finances to your health.
  • Why This Investment? Answer: Because you have already spent far more by not taking action. The quick fix doesn't work. There is no magic pill at no cost to help you get what you want. If you are serious, then you understand you are making an investment in yourself. If you can invest $1.00 and get another $1.00 or even $2.00 more in actual dollars to increased value within your personal life, then is cost the real issue?

  • Personal Growth Action Plan is just $27.00 (USD) and includes $128 in additional value plus any additional taxes.


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