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"An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success."

decorative imageWe Have The Secret for Success!

Yes, There is A SECRET Formula
for People and Organizational Success

Well, it really isn't a secret. It's just that most have never caught on, but WE have and have found at least 8 ways to catapult organizations way beyond their expectations and empower their employees. We help our clients do it all of the time. As a matter of fact, we don't mind sharing these ways with you.

Way #1

Wanted: An Answer for Inertia

The number one obstacle that keeps organizations from being successful is overcoming inertia or the inability to implement their vision to secure their desired results. A common name for this is poor management. As the Heurist for the Next Generation of Talent Management, we align and operationalize the 3 critical areas of strategy, systems and people through the Strategic Plan to bridge that gap between vision and results. From Chicago to either coasts or in any industry, our approach creates high levels of both internal customer satisfaction leading to moments of truth to build external customer loyalty.

alignment model

Way #2

What Else? Reduce the Waste and Improve Results by at least 10%

This common sense approach brings exceptional value because wasted efforts are identified by using Lean Strategies or Cycle Time Reduction. For example, waste reduction through this alignment model has helped IBM in Boca Raton to reduce expense report turnaround from 4 to 6 weeks to one day. Chrysler Corporation now has a competitive advantage through the introduction of a new vehicle in 3 years from design to production instead of the 5 year U.S. competition average. Boeing reduced the development of the 777 by two years thus beating the competition and securing additional new orders.

Some questions an organization might ask to
determine if their efforts are not wasted might be:

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If 10% of your employees (1/3 top management, 1/3 middle management and 1/3 frontline workers) were asked to name the top 3 goals of this organization, what is the impact if all the responses are not the same?

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How do the daily actions of your people ensure consistent performance improvement toward the top 3 organizational goals?

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What does the inability to create peak performance cost you in terms of meeting your financials, relationships, leadership, growth and innovation goals?

If you are uncomfortable with any of the answers from these questions, please feel free to call Leanne Hoagland-Smith at 219.759.5601 or drop us an email to help you reconnect your people to their passion and your purpose for improved overall performance by at least 10%.

Way #3

Change the Paradigms

Improve performance by 10% by
sending your people to a one-day seminar.

Save your training and education dollars by not sending your people to a one or two day seminar. These types of learning workshops are fine for providing information or beginning to engage your employees. However, if you expect long term results including improved performance by at least 10%, consider that a one time exposure to a learning event delivers 2% retention after 16 days. Individuals need to retain new knowledge before they can apply it. You may have just as well "flushed those limited training dollars down the drain." This is why we unite business training with coaching to overcome this documented learning barrier.

Way #4

Accept that today's Knowledge Workers require the ability to work without control. Controlling the employee is a thing of the past Industrial Age.

The Industrial Age of the 20th Century centered on producing "things" and controlling each worker. Today's 21st Century economy demands Knowledge Workers who require minimal control, have the self-leadership skills to think outside of the box and take the necessary actions to help the team reach that next level of success.

Way #5

No One Can Change Anyone's Behavior!

Many training organizations and publishers of training tools such as feedback analysis state that they can change the behavior of your employees. Yes, these companies can engage your people, but change and change management comes from the inside. Outside in approaches must be structured to build What's In It For Me (WIIFM) and then aligned to current organizational goals leading to What's In It For Us (WIIFU).

Can We Have Agreement that No One Can Change Anyone's Behavior?

I know from my experiences with my clients and more importantly from myself the following:

ABSOLUTELY NO ONE can change behavior
for any extended amount of time.
Life Long Change must come from within!

Way #6

Connect Passion & Purpose to Improve Performance by at Least 10%

Life-long, sustainable performance improvement begins from within all individuals. By connecting their passion and purpose to their performance, a 10% increase is quite easily attained. Our experience is that performance usually doubles. Remember the following as you determine why a minimum of 10% improvement continues to allude your organization:

View the PDF
Building Your K.A.S.H. Box for Sustainable Change

Is the question?

Do they know it?


Do they want to do it?

Way #7

Who Else Can Imagine a Time and a Place
Where EVERYONE Works Together as a Team
for the Same Desired Results?

Check out D.I.AL.O.G.
Quick, Affordable & Directionally Correct

For this time and place to be achieved requires consistent, results focused communication to everyone within the organization. Communication of those solutions needs to bring the team together to guarantee a dedicated focus on the same desired results.

Way #8

Winning Teams Win Because of the Strengths of Each Individual

Minimal improvement continues to allude organizations because many solutions focus on the weaknesses of each team member. Collectively the strength of the team exceeds the individual weaknesses. Winning teams win because of the strengths of each team member. A 10% improvement for each team member results in an overall performance increase greater than 10% for the organization. Possibly, know you may better understand how business coaching & training works with the strengths of your people, your greatest asset, human capital.

Call Us to Experience at Least a 10% Growth through

• Improved Profitability
• Improved Productivity
• Improved Performance
• Improved Processes

P.S. Our clients have personally achieved far more than 10%. They know that by taking the risk, amazing results are possible.


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