Old School Sales Still Tops New Sales

Believe it or not, old school sales still tops new sales skills.  So what are these historic old ways?

#1 – Pick up the telephone – Sure some people like texts, but using the phone is the first old school sales skill and still works.  People want responses now, not later.  Technology of emails is not fool proof and does fail.

#2 – Honor your word by doing what you say you will do.  This means return phone calls, send promised information, etc.  Be a person of character.

#3 – Focus first on the sales lead, the potential client instead of your needs.  To embrace this old school sales skill requires you to up your active listening skills and SHUT your mouth.  As has been said by many others “If the good Lord wanted us to talk more than to listen he would have given us 2 mouths and only one ear.”

#4 – Forget those sales scripts.  Sales scripts are good as a reference.  No one wants to hear a robotic delivery, those folks have had their fill of automatic messaging.  Refer to the previous sales skill – LISTEN.

#5 – Relationships are the foundation for long term customer loyalty.  Relationships take time to nurture and develop. Earning a sale doesn’t happen overnight.  Sales research suggests less than 2% of all sales are made on the first contact.

#6 – Deep six the sales presentations.  Unless you are selling in a complex sales environment, the majority of sales presentations are for the benefit of the salesperson not the sales lead. Again sales research suggests a significant part of the buying decision has already taken place before you receive that first phone call.  The Internet has become a gold mine for research by your sales leads.  If you need to present something, send a handwritten thank you note.

#7 – Leave your ego and expectations are the door.  Accept each sales lead as a fresh experience, do not think you know what the person wants or needs or how much you expect in financial compensation from this prospect.

After over four (4) decades in sales, I know the old school sales ways seem to be eagerly desired by today’s sales prospects. Maybe these words of President Teddy Roosevelt may help reinforce the old school ways:

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

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