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How You Maybe Shortchanging Your Written Goals and Desired Results

How many people from small business owners, salespeople to individuals have written goals and yet are still unable to consistently achieve the desired results?

written-goalsMaybe the answer to this question is within the goal setting and goal achievement process?

What I have observed even for those people who use SMART or  WAY SMART goals is the failure to emotionalize the goal. This often overlooked step is so essential to consistent goal achievement even those with written goals.

Human beings are emotional creatures.

Our brains are designed to be hot wired to emotions first over logic.

We indeed are not Vulcans as Mr. Spock so aptly pointed out on numerous occasions.

Imagine what would happen if we embedded our emotions into our written goals?

Through reflection we would invest some time to identify all the pluses, rewards, good things that would happen upon achieving the goal.  Then we also emotionalize the goal from a negative perspective as to the minuses, the consequences, the bad things that may happen if the goal is not achieved.

Research suggests people are more apt to work to avoid failure in their quest for success than to focus on the success. Possibly this is in response to the negative conditioning from early childhood such as “Don’t write on the walls!,” “Don’t speak to strangers!,’ etc.

When we emotionalize the inherent desires within us to achieve those “dreams with endings” we have created a fire in our belly to see the goal beyond just being written down as per the WAY SMART criteria.  (Sales Coaching Tip:  W equals Written;  A equals Aligned to passion, purpose, plans and values; and Y equals Yours.

So before you start writing down all those action steps for your written goals, invest some time to emotionalize your goals. Visualize yourself achieving the goal or goals as well as not achieving it.  And make sure you write all those emotional pluses and minuses down within your goal worksheet.

P.S. The Results Tool™ includes an area for emotionalizing the goal as well as some other unique features not found in many goal worksheets.


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Yes Margaret There Are Metrics to Social Media & Beyond

Social media is the newest marketing vehicle. Great! Yet some of those who are engaged in  selling, social media training  and marketing in general continue to shout the cries that this activity cannot be measured.

Credit: Hastac.ning

Baloney, a real big baloney! For unless something gets measured, it cannot get managed. So, yes Margaret, there are metrics for this newest messaging platform or vehicle.

A great article on social media measurement and return on investment by Amber Naslund of Attitude Branding provided 13 truths about the metrics and the why for these.

What is interesting to note is these excuses use for not being able to measure the results from social media marketing efforts are about the same for many other initiatives or challenges in business.  For example, how many times have you heard or maybe even thought that:

  • Training and development cannot be measured?
  • Customer loyalty cannot be measured?
  • Employee loyalty cannot be measured?
  • Productivity cannot be measured?
  • Customer acquisition cost cannot be measured?
  • Sales leads costs cannot be measured?
  • Marketing actions cannot be measured?

What this really boils down to is have a belief about written goals and then an action plan to achieve those goals.

Far too many people as my friend Bill Napolitano has stated are playing Captain Wing It.  These folks, as I have often said. “are spraying and praying their actions all over the place with the hope that something will stick.” No wonder they are like all the other gray suits and never will be a Red Jacket, someone who stands out in the crowd.

Take the time to read this great post by Amber and see where else you may be making excuses as to why you cannot get the results you want. Maybe you are not investing the time to determine the metrics, monitor those numbers and analyze them for any necessary course corrections.  Remember, even Santa sometimes had to change his flight path.

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The Need to Increase Sales Is Not Everything

Sunday morning, Palm Sunday, I just finished my daily tracking marketing metrics and reviewing this forthcoming week’s schedule. Then I did a quick check of my personal goals before getting ready for church.

Over ten years ago I began setting personal goals along with my business goals including the most important one, increase sales, to writing. These written goals were subdivided into 6 areas based upon a Life Wheel. The areas included:

  • Ethics & Beliefs (Spirituality)
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Career/Financial
  • Family
  • Social

The Life Wheel is a great self assessment tool. You can quickly determine your satisfaction or level of happiness within each area and see where you are out of balance. By the way, did you know that Buddha is one of the earliest individuals to adovcate balance using a Life Wheel?

Then about two years ago, I modified my Life Wheel to include 8 areas and  the concept of counter balance based upon my own experiences.  For example when I am  physically stressed out,  it is harder to keep a mental focus. The Life Wheel now looked like this:

  • Purpose counter balanced with Ethics & Beliefs (Spirituality)
  • Mental counter balanced with Physical
  • Financial counter balanced with Career
  • Family countered balanced with Social

Each  year I reassess myself specific to my Life Wheel.  Set new goals, infuse them into my one page Personal Growth Action Plan.

One observation I made was in my  desire to increase sales, I was losing touch with dear friends. Time is unforgiving in the sense once it is gone, it can never be recovered.

I then set some very specific goals to keep in touch with old friends.  One particular dear friend stood up at my wedding. She is now retired and lives about 65 miles away. So I make sure to call her monthly and visit with her once a quarter.  After church today, I am driving down and we are going out for lunch.

Also, I have connected with another friend who I have known for over 30 years.  We now go out for breakfast or lunch once a month. Additionally, there is a dear family friend who I called “Aunt” my entire life. I make a commitment to see her at least two times each year.

Being an entrepreneur, small business owner, C-Level executive or independent sales contractors places a lot of demands on the resource of time. However, ignoring dear and personal relationships in the quest to build the business is a costly mistake.

Spring is considered a time of rebirth and consequently that is possible the push for all that spring cleaning. It is the time for letting in the fresh air and letting out the stale old winter air.  Spring is a great time to look at your own Life Wheel and begin to set written goals to balance out your personal life. By taking this action, will reduce any regrets specific to when time runs out and you think “I wished I had seen her or him more” or “Why didn’t I make the time to visit Aunt Emma?”

Remember, Life is truly about the choices you make and the actions you then take. Yes the goal to increase sales is important, but it is not everything.

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