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Buzz Words Don’t Sell

Believe it or not, some believe that adopting the most current buzz words will dramatically their increase sales.

Right now the most popular buzz word is sales enablement.  Before that we had trusted advisor, consultative sales,  development specialist, relationship expert, you get the drift.

In many instances, buzz words tell others how you do what you do and not what you do.

In sales, what sells are the results outside of the relationship.

What your sales leads want to know is results do you, your products or services deliver?

The Fallacy of Buzz Words

When a particular buzz word is adopted, sometimes the salesperson believes others know what that word or words actually mean as in sales enablement. Additionally there is a presumption by using a particular flavor of the month moniker, it will reveal the salesperson is ahead of all those other salespeople.

Possibly in selling to much larger organizations (500 employees or more) which represent less than .5% of all U.S. business (source U.S. Census Bureau), their decision makers may know and may embrace these words.  However, at the end of the day, regardless of business size or industry, results are what matter.

Results usually show up in the value proposition, but not always.  Again, many in sales lose sales leads by going into the reeds along the bank.  They stir up a lot of mud and any initial clarity regarding their value proposition is lost.

If you want to adopt any current buzz word, go ahead.  Just remember, buzz words do not sell.  People buy you first. Next they buy on emotions justified by logic.  Finally they buy on value that is unique to them.

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The Sales Problem with Wanting to Be the Trusted Advisor

Being the trusted advisor in sales is the goal for many professional salespeople. The reasoning is simple because having trust overcomes probably the first sales problem encountered by salespeople:


“I don’t trust you. because I buy from people I know and trust.”

After attending a well executed presentation by Ari Galper of Unlock the Sales Game, he answered a question posed by me that created one of those “Ah Ha” moments. Galper used this phrase “trusted authority” instead of “trusted advisor.”  I asked him what was the difference. His answer was simple:

“The trusted authority comes before the sale while the trusted advisor comes after the sale.”

Talk about having what I call FHEM – Flat Head Experience Moment (helps to explain the flat, somewhat high foreheads for many of Scandinavian heritage). His answer started my sales process brain reeling.

We all know to overcome each sales problem requires our sales leads to existing repeat customers must trust us.  For without trust, the ability to increase sales will simply not happen.


Many of us work through our sales process to earn the trust of our sales leads.  Yet to have that trust totally established does come after the sale because of the word “advisor.”  Your clients really trust your advice only after they have experienced your solutions.  Hmm, pretty common sense stuff when looking at this from a different perspective.

“The true voyage of discovery is not seeking new landscapes, but seeing with new eyes.” Marcel Proust

This then leads to this question:

How do I become that trusted authority if I want to get in front of the sale to avoid this first sales problem instead of behind the sale?  Galper’s executive coaching practice works to answer that question from the marketing phase within the sales process. However in reading his book, I realized I had been unknowingly working towards being the trusted authority for forward thinking sales culture and results.

If you want to increase sales, consider rethinking your own sales process and how to elevate your yourself to become that trusted authority.

P.S. Trusted advisors are now in the sales flow. Trusted authorities are ahead of the sales flow.

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Go Beyond Being the Model Sales Manager or Sales Leader or Trusted Advisor

A recent blog post over at Partners in Excellence caught my eye where David Brock sat down with the authors of a new book, Trusted Advisor Fieldbook,  and discussed how to build trust. The discussion was good as was the blog posting.


As I thought about everything I have read, observed and personally experienced, the concept of being the model sales manager, the model sales leader, is missing something because we observe models all the time in business, in life and yet poor behaviors are still rampant in spite of people trusting each other. Models are much like competencies in that one size does not fit all. Maybe this helps to explain part of the disconnect between observed behaviors and desired behaviors.

President Theodore Roosevelt was the first person I discovered even though others are given credit who said:

“No one cares how much you know until the know how much you care.”

Caring and trust are part of that entire gamut we now call emotional intelligence. When people have high emotional intelligence, their behaviors are far more easily authentically demonstrated  that just having trust alone. By the very nature of emotional intelligence, the behaviors are for the most in alignment with the emotional intelligence ranking.

A colleague of mine Dan Waldschmidt said several month ago:

We don’t have a selling problem, we have a caring problem.

The over emphasis on technical sales skills to increase sales even those associated with being a trusted advisor fail to factor in the emotions because people buy first on emotions then justify that experience with logic. Here is where emotional intelligence becomes critical and where many in sales drop the ball because their ongoing need to increase sales or close the sale take priority.

What would happen if sales people, sales managers or people in general would think about others first, care and then develop trust? I can sense some who might be reading this inwardly groaning at such an idea.

Yet, caring, truly understanding the potential client’s needs, his or her decision making process is what leads to that buying decision being made in your favor as the salesperson. Sales Training Coaching Tip – A great book is A Seat at the Table if you truly wish to connect and earn favorable buying decisions.

Models by their very nature suggest some replicable formula do this and get that.  Models work for processes to showcasing the latest fashions.

Yet, models are cold, inhuman when it comes to actual

authentic and caring behaviors.

To be successful in sales or in life in today’s technology driven world requires the ability to demonstrate authentic caring behaviors through high emotional intelligence allowing those personal connections to be made and develop.  By caring more and selling less, increase sales will happen.


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