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The Spray and Pray Tsunami of Social Selling

Social selling appears to have taken the spray and pray sales approach to tsunami proportions. Clueless or lazy salespeople now drown people with emails to postings with sales pitches.

These salespeople and probably some are marketing people spray these sales pitches all over the place through social selling and then pray something will eventually stick. The idea of actually knowing your ideal customer, your target market to the sales leads never enters the minds of these individuals.

For example, this morning I received an email from a complete stranger wanting me to sign up for a one day seminar on time management for the unbelievable price of $700.  My early bird price was $445.

Training and Development Coaching Tip:  A one day workshop delivers less than 10% cognitive retention after 14 days.

This person did not know the following:

  • I deliver time management training and development
  • I live in NW AZ no where near Nebraska, Indiana or Texas (these were the locations for the workshops)

The Power of Social Selling

Social selling is a tremendous and powerful platform especially for SMBs.  The investment is nominal and the reach can be exponential. However if done in error, the results can be harmful to the organization’s credibility as well as the person engaged in social selling.

Spraying and praying when it comes to sales is not new.  Salespeople have been doing this for years.  Buy a list, send out direct mail pieces and reap the rewards.  Of course the research suggests if the business receives a 2-3% response that is good.

Then there are those salespeople who at B2B networking events tell everyone their ideal customer is anyone with a pulse.  Messages like this are smaller examples of spray and pray marketing.

If you want to increase sales, gain clarity as to who your ideal customer is.  Knowing about the industry trends as well as the marketplace would also be beneficial.  Taking these small and predetermined steps will move you far close to your goal of increase sales than the continued spray and pray behaviors of others.

P.S. Time management is an oxymoron.  Schedule a time to speak with me by clicking here to learn why.

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The Power of 3 For Better Time Management

Did you know we experience more change in one year than our grandparents experienced in their entire lifetimes? With information doubling every year, businesses downsizing personnel and change almost being a warp speed phenomenon, no wonder time management is a growing concern for business leadership.



A recent search on Google for time management retrieved nearly 1/2 billion hits with time management training accounting for almost one half of those hits. This suggests that time management is important to many and especially for those in business leadership roles.   On my website one of the most frequently download PDFs is this curriculum on Time-Management-Leadership.

The Power of 3 Rule is a great way to improve the effectiveness (doing the right thing) of your daily business leadership time usage. However, there is some preliminary work that must be taken before you can implement this rule.

First, return to your strategic plan and determine what needs to be done for the current quarter. Then look at your current tasks and identify only 3 important activities for the forthcoming or current week that are quality focused and aligned to that plan. Some of these activities may include making phone calls, sending out direct mail pieces, organizing your office, filing paperwork, spending time with family or friends or exercising at the fitness center.

After you have selected just 3 things to focus on during the week, write them down and carry the list with you at all times. For you will now have to say “No” to a lot of other people and potential activities that will interfere with your selected Power of 3. As this rule has a one-week time frame, you will be able to say “Yes” after the week is over to some of those things that you said “No” to earlier. Because of this limited time focus as well as limited activities, you will realize immediate results.

Take action right now and identify just 3 activities that you will focus on for the rest of the week and let me know of the results.

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Leanne Hoagland-Smith is THE People and Process Problem Solver. She supports forward thinking leadership in bridging the gaps between the two problems restricting strategic business growth – people and processes. Leanne can be reached at 219.508.2859 central time USA.  Follow her on Twitter or check out her profile on LinkedIn.

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