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Brother Can You Spare a Posting?

A LinkedIn post by Tibor Shanto entitled Brother Can You Spare a Sale made a connection with me regarding all the unsolicited requests I receive to submit articles for this blog.  These complete strangers want me to spare a posting so they can get their  marketing message out.


People buy from people they know and trust. This is the first sales buying rule my father taught me years ago.

Why would I allow my prime marketing real estate to be given to a complete stranger? 

What is even more ironic is many of these requests are from so called marketing experts.  If you are an expert, then why are you reaching out to me?

The answer is because your website traffic sucks.  You do not have many Twitter followers.  Your LinkedIn connections and followers are also lacking. If I search your name in Google, again dismal results.

Building this blog has been an investment in time, years as a matter of fact.  The real reason for your request, brother can you spare a posting, is to use my blog to expand your marketing presence. Using my blog  is a cheap fix to your bad marketing.

Possibly a better narketing strategy is to build your own community of like minded people who will share your blog on their various social media sites. Of course this takes time as well and time is something it appears you are not willing to invest.

Since I started this blog over 10 years ago, I now receive at least one daily “Brother can you spare a posting?” request.  My response is the same:  “I do not accept unsolicited postings.”

Sometimes depending upon my mood I will add “However, if you wish to pay me $500 I will accept your posting provided it meets my quality standards.”

So please stop with the “Brother can you spare a posting.”  If you want to reach out and touch someone, then make a real connection.  Who know you actually may get an invite to contribute to that person’s well traffic blog.

Click Here to speak with Leanne to discuss how you can build your own community.

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Expand Your Marketing Influence – Friday’s Editorial

Social media through groups such as Facebook to blogs to article marketing expands your marketing influence.  The challenge is to think differently, to get our of your own way.

My thanks today for Tibor Shanto who provided me the opportunity to be a guest blogger over at his site. Yes Tibor and I have similar practices in the sales training coaching arenas and probably similar customers. However, not everyone who reads this blog or his blog is the right fit for either one of us. Sales Training Coaching Tip:  Remember reciprocity. Offer others to guest blog on your site as well. I am awaiting Tibor’s article.

I met Tibor through another website where I contribute articles – Sales Blogger Union.  During the past couple of years, we have encouraged each other as well as other individuals such as Dan Waldschmdit, Skip Anderson, S. Anthony Iannarino, Kelley Robertson, David A. Brock, Craig Klein and Lynn Hidy. Sales Training Coaching Tip:  By bookmarking quality blogs, you can make comments and look for return traffic. Make sure you write your name in the comment section to ensure quicker SEO pickup.

Your marketing influence is not just about you, but your connections and more importantly how you interact with those individuals.  Just to accumulate a lot of connections and leave them like business cards on your desk is quite pointless just as it is to bombard your connections with your buy, buy message.

People buy from people they know and trust.  As your expand your marketing influence, more people will come to know you and begin to trust you because you are being authentic, real and caring. For selling is far more about buying, than anything else.

Again, my appreciation to Tibor Shanto and Merry Christmas to one and all.

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