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Are Your Sales Results Suffering Because of this Confusion?

“I have plenty of lists, daily, weekly and monthly” said an acquaintance.  My next question was “How are your sales results?”  The not so surprising response was “they could be better.”

This acquaintance and many of my sales coaching clients share this confusion about list making and goal setting.

List making is very much like a simple mini action plan.  Each item on the list is an action based upon an objective to be achieved.  In some instances, having lists works on the smaller actions and usually fails on the bigger ones.

A goal is a predetermined objective to be undertaken with the desired end to be a positive result.  Sometimes especially if the goal is to increase sales, the goal must be thoroughly “thought out” or what I call “flushed out.”  This thinking or flushing requires some additional time.  Critical thinking skills such as integrative ability must be applied along with:

Lists work with goals, but lists alone will not achieve the desired sales results.

Consistent goal achievers are excellent critical thinkers.  They identify what they want to achieve and then look to the what is limiting them from achieving their goal.  These limitations may be also considered as challenges or obstacles.

The confusion between list making and goal setting may also explain why there are misguided decisions that create misdirection.  If the item on the list is more complex or must work with another action that has not been clearly articulated, then the ability to achieve the goal especially if the goal is to increase sales is severely limited.

Another tell tale sign of this confusion is the answer to this question:

Have you invested the time to create a strategic thinking plan with specific written daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals?

Again, the answer over 95% of the time is NO! What this answer tells any sales coach or business coach is there is considerable misalignment happening which helps to explain miss guided decisions creating miss directed actions.

Yes, lists are great, but written goals aligned to an overall strategic thinking plan will consistently increase sales and far better sales results than lists alone.

Schedule some time to talk with Leanne by CLICKING HERE to improve your sales results.  Yes it could be as simple as just embracing a proven goal setting and goal achievement process.

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Sales Leadership Talent of Theoretical Problem Solving

Theoretical problem solving as a sales leadership talent differs from the three other problem solving related talents discussed earlier this month:


The difference is simply one of environment.  Theoretical problem solving is all about the “what ifs” within the environment of the  mind allowing the person to imagine what could be while the other three talents deal with the existing “what” of  the actual real environment.

Theoretical problem solving is defined by the Innermetrix Attribute Index as “capacity involves a person’s ability to apply their problem solving ability in a mental scenario.  Creating, operating and identifying problems in a hypothetical situation, then to manufacture the appropriate response to resolve the problem.”

Individuals with this sales leadership talent can:

  • Identify future problems
  • Formulate appropriate steps needed to correct them
  • Take action on these decisions (Source: Innermetrix Attribute Index)

For those in sales leadership roles that do not demonstrate this capacity may:

  • Have difficulty in visualizing future scenarios
  • Be unwilling to take action after collecting the data
  • Require require validation their decision is the right one
  • Take more time along with more information before making a decision (Source: Innermetrix Attribute Index)

Theoretical problem solving is a strong talent for those dealing with complex sales or longer sales lead time. This talent also unites other talents or personal sales skills such as:

What we know is that each individual is unique.  How they use their talents will be different.  Those who are continually successful recognize thought leadership and use that capacity to catapult themselves ahead of the flow.

Is this a necessary talent for you in your sales or leadership role? Then this quick and affordable talent assessment may answer that question for you.

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