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To Increase Sales Telling Ain’t Selling and Neither Is Educating

Possibly you read this headline and thought I was speaking blasphemy. What do you mean educating will not increase sales?  All those sales experts provide advice about educating your customers. What about education based marketing?

Before your head potentially explodes, let me explain.  Sometimes in order to sell our solutions (products or services) we have a tendency to over educate our sales leads.  We give them way too much information. By over educating, we can potentially lose the ability to increase sales.

What would happen if you in educating your customer told him or her only what he or she needed to know?  Just answer the question with a little education instead of reciting the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Thousands of leadership to sales blogs are written each day with the goal to educate the reader and hopefully all the education will entice the reader to pick up the phone can make that coveted first contact.  So how is that working for you? Do you find all this educating has achieved your goal to increase sales?

For example, yesterday I received a sales referral.  In speaking with the sales referral, she shared some personal information including the absence of a will by her father.  She is looking to move to Arizona. I told her Arizona believes you know the inheritance law that being without a will your estate goes to AZ and AZ determines who gets what.  The sales referral truly appreciated that education tidbit.

When we actively listen, we can educate discreetly or even indirectly without engaging in telling ain’t selling sales conversations. Additionally, we are not over educating, giving away our solutions.  Why would people buy your solution when you just gave it away in your educating interactions from sales conversations to social media postings?

Yes telling ain’t selling is very true. Educating, too much of it, ain’t selling either.

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The Social Media Marketing Asking Conveyor Belt

With the small business to business world becoming more connected through social media sites such as LinkedIn, there is a lot of social media marketing asking going on for:

social media conveyor belt


  • Referrals
  • Recommendations
  • Liking other pages on other social media sites
  • Followers on Twitter
  • Promoting or attending or that event

Unfortunately, much of this asking may begin to sow the seeds of distrust because it suggests a social media marketing conveyor belt of automatic actions with the thought only of producing quantity not quality.

People buy from people they know and trust.

This knowing of the person is critical when it comes to social media marketing especially when people may have never personally connected. Social media is truly not a conveyor belt where you can automatically secure hundreds to thousands of connections in spite of all those promises of “Get 200 or 1,000 followers in 30 minutes.”

If I do not “know” you, how can I trust you?

What I have observed is there is still a lot of over eager to just plan ignorant small business owners and social media marketing professionals who fail to understand that marketing including social media is not quid pro quo. Just because I am connected to you as a first degree connection, share a group or connected to you via another person does not mean I will honor your request even it takes only a minute.

Yesterday I received a LinkedIn message with the subject line “Quick favor (Only one minute, I promise)” from a second degree connection where we share a group, not sure what group as right now my second degree connections number in the thousands.

The person continued on with the following:

It is great to be in the same LinkedIn group as you. I would love to connect with you.I am inspired by your success. I would love your help. I promise to return the favor.  Can you please go to:

  1. Facebook page and “like” it
  2. Facebook page and “like” it
  3. Facebook page and “like” it
  4. Facebook page and “like” it
  5. Join a group on LinkedIn
  6. Follow this person on Twitter
  7. Follow another person on Twitter
  8. Follow another person on Twitter

This individual did share all links and at the bottom of the email confessed as to being the manager of all of these pages and promised to like and follow back.

As I read the email, I realized if I took all this actions through copying and pasting and just quickly glancing at each page, my time invest was closer to 5 minutes and not just one minute. Already she had broken her promise and my distrust had increased.

I did respond to her email and remarked that I since I did not know her, I could not take these actions.

Now some folks would have probably trashed the email. However maybe this over anxious marketing professional (I am probably using that term loosely) will get the hint that her social media marketing actions are probably not the best ones to attract attention (positive) and build relationships.

P.S. If you have not signed up for the FREE webinar, Telling Ain’t Selling, being offered on Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012 from 12-12:30pm, there are only 8 seats left.  This webinar will provide some history on the DISC tool and how that knowledge can help you better understand the buying behaviors of your prospects so in turn you can match your sales style.

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How to Increase Sales – Intelligence Gathering Using Silence

They say a closed mouth gathers no feet and possibly if your are seeking a new competitive how to increase sales strategy possibly this one of sales intelligence gathering using silence may just be the trick.

Many of those in sales be they small business owners, those in sales management to top sales performers understand that “telling ain’t selling” and yet there is still way too much talking going on.

Sure many folks know about active listening, but what about active looking?  I am not talking about all that preliminary sales strategy research already undertaken about the person, business or industry.

No, what I an suggesting is how do you use your eyes to silently gather critical intelligence about that person you will be meeting shortly? This critical sales strategy and sales intelligence gathering will allow you much deeper insight into your potential customer’s buying mindset and probably allow you to build that so valuable relationship much quicker.For example within that process of building the relationship a.k.a. marketing, have you thought about?

  • What a messy desk of a potential client means?
  • Identifying the potential customer’s car if the meeting is at his or her office?
  • Discretely observing what is inside the potential customer’s car?
  • If you have received some written communication, did you look beyond the words to see some potential behaviors?

In the ongoing effort of how to increase sales does suggest that securing an additional competitive advantage may be quite helpful.  What better competitive advantage than understanding of buying behaviors of your potential customer? And yes there are already proven tools n the market place that can assist you with acquiring that sales intelligence.

For those in sales management having top sales performers is probably now easier than ever before provided you use the right sales intelligence tools to gather the right knowledge and remember how to increase sales begins by understanding “telling ain’t selling.”

P.S. If you wish to learn more about “telling ain’t selling” and how silence can be an sales strategy along with one well known sales intelligence tool, then considering  joining 49 other attendees on 11/2/2012 at 12 Noon CST for a FREE 30 minute webinar. Register at Eventbrite.

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