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Have Any Good Conversations with Your Brain Lately?

Each day we have good conversations with others and yet the most important good conversation we should be having is the one we fail to have. Maybe that is because talking to yourself is considered somewhat suspect to even being a personality disorder. Of course, no one said that good conversation with yourself, with your brain,  had to be out loud.

Your brain, that 3 pounds of of tissue and muscle with neurons firing thousands of time each second not to mention being the repository for all your past experiences and emotions, is the single most important factor in your life.

Henry Ford probably said it the best “Whether you think you can or you think you cannot it, either way you are correct.”

The brain, your thoughts, is your springboard for success. However it must be used and not just through reactionary or conditioned thoughts such as when driving down the highway, not even speeding and you see a police car. What usually happens? Your foot hits the brake even though you were not doing anything wrong. Conditioned, reactive reflex behavior is part of each of us and wired into our primitive grains from the still existing flight or fight response.

Brains take an incredible amount of energy to do what they need to do. Therefore by design, brains look to conserve any bit of energy and conditioning is one of the most common ways to conserve brain energy. In other words, our brains probably would rather not have those conversations because that energy could be saved and used elsewhere.

Reflective thinking can be a conditioned behavior, but requires time and a commitment by you. By asking yourself what went well today, what did not go as well as it could have, what you may need to do differently, what you are proud of, are all questions good conversations with your brain should include. Yes you can develop your brain to be more reflective through good conversations.

Invest the time to have a good conversation with your brain. Who knows, you just may be surprised by the results?

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