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Find Your Joy; Find Your Success in Doing

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Your joy is found not in finishing an activity, but doing it.” Greg Anderson. How often do we fail to find joy?  What would happen if our joy was directly connected to our doing something, whatever?  Would we be more motivated; have more enjoyment and ultimately experience more success?

All human being shared the same destination, that being death. Our journeys to that final end of the road are indeed different and unique as we are all different and unique individuals.

Far too long people have been lead to believe that knowledge is power and ultimately success. That is not true.

Only when we apply knowledge, do something, do we gain power. We now know what we know and know what we don’t know. We learn through our mistakes of doing and gain additional even more more knowledge and continued success. As John Maxwell wrote years ago “We fail forward.”

Our joy and consequently our success is directly connected to our purpose:

Why are we here right now in this moment of time?

After reading the On Purpose Person by Kevin McCarthy, I wrote my purpose statement and it hasn’t really changed much during the last 20 years.

I am a trailblazer.

For those who read this blog and some of my other writings, they will recognize how I challenge the status quo by blazing a trail that others have chosen not to take.  For example, many of my contemporaries believe salespeople create value.  I don’t and continue to write about how value is unique to each person or buyer.

Then there are my thoughts about public education, college debt and an ill equipped workforce.  Until we dismantle the current system and construct a new system based on what motivates people to learn we will still have a poorly educated and unmotivated workforce.

So what do you truly enjoy doing?

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The Right Fuel Will Catapult Your Success Beyond the Stars

Success is such a desired result by so many and yet achieved by so few.

successHow many times have we heard or read “shoot for the moon and if you miss you will land among the stars?”

To achieve success requires a blend of the right mental, physical and emotional fuel.  This blend is unique to each individual because each of us have different mental, physical and emotional experiences. Possibly this uniqueness of blend helps to explain why what works for one will not necessarily work for another.

Some of the key active ingredients beyond the necessary calories to keep the physical body working are:

  • Positive mental attitude
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Application of key talents where necessary
  • Measurement of predetermined goals
  • Written plan that is aligned to purpose, passion, current mission and values

When individuals lack the right fuel blend,  the necessary energy to catapult them ahead of the flow is absent. Even worse others may sense this lack of energy and may not wish to associate with them. If these individuals are in sales, this could be a fuel recipe  for disaster.

Yes, to shoot for the stars is something we all may wish to consider. However, if your rocket ship (you) lack the right fuel mixture, you will never leave the launching pad.

If your fuel mixture is missing a written plan structure, then consider this personal growth action plan.

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Clarity, Wheels and Success

One of the clarity activities I first give executive and sales coaching clients is the Life and Professional Wheels. This concept of segmenting certain aspects of our lives into a wheel was first introduced by Buddha over two thousand years ago. The hub of the wheel represents zero emotional satisfaction or happiness while the outer rim of the wheel represents 100%.  Buddha believed a balanced wheel where all segments were equally assessed was necessary for a more successful life.

clarityExecutive and sales coaching clients self assess themselves in key categories. When finished, a simple graphic like the one to the left reveals how internally satisfied they are with these different aspects of their lives.

However, this activity reveals far more than personal satisfaction or emotional happiness.  What is also now known that was unaddressed or undiscovered is the individual’s clarity regarding these various aspects of his or her life.

For example, using the Sales Work Wheel to the left, a low assessment in time management and self directed learning suggests lower clarity regarding these issues. Respective to the Personal Life Wheel, the lower assessments specific to physical, financial and even purpose also suggest increased lack of clarity.

Many times I have discovered that individuals fail to fully see where they are before they can take that journey to the country called Success or where they want to be. What contributes to this lack of clarity is:

  • Not truly knowing their talents
  • Not knowing their  current purpose, vision, values and current mission
  • Not having written action plans supported by WAY SMART goals

When individuals begin to gain greater clarity regarding their own personal work lives and professional work lives (sales or executive), then it becomes far easier to set those WAY SMART goals because an internal alignment has been created. So if you want more personal success, then consider this exercise and determine where you have lack of clarity.

P.S. If you want this clarity activity, leave a comment and a PDF file will be emailed to you. Please let me know if you want the Personal and Sales Work Wheels (shown above) or the Personal and Executive Leadership Work Wheels (not shown).

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Success in Sales and in Life

What does success in sales and in life mean for you? To answer this question begins by defining success.  I am always surprised by the number of people who use words and yet have no solid definition for those words relative to their own actions.


Years ago, I was also in the same boat and did not have a definition of this often spoken and written word.  Then I aligned myself to a company, Resource Associates Corporation, that looked at training curriculum including sales training from a developmental and leadership perspective. This curriculum had defined success as:

The continual achievement of predetermined goals, stabilized by balance and purified by belief.

As time progress, I amended that definition to include the following:

Fueled by my passion and aligned to my purpose

More time progress and with another colleague, Laura Novakowski,  we came to define success as:

“Success is a continual self-discovery of new positive attitudes and strategies that tap our limitless energy by connecting  our passion, purpose and performance. Through written goals  and action plans, we will direct our behaviors to achieve our dreams and support our core values.”

Now define the word sales and each person has a potentially different definition. Personally, I like Zig Ziglar’s of:

Sales is the transference of feelings.

As to life, that definition is also as varied as the other two words. However, in its simplest form, life is also the transference of feelings as human beings are emotional creatures. Yet there is more than just transference of feelings, but a state of being, a state of knowing and not knowing, a profound connection to the universe.

Since this is the week between Christmas and New Years, this posting and the others to follow will be more inspiration in nature as there is always time to share the latest trends, sales skills and business strategies of how to increase sales. Now is the time to reflect and rethink about where we want to be in 2012.


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RSS Feeds With A Twist

Sunday for many is a day of reflection where the actions of the past days, weeks, months and even years are pondered while still looking forward to the next days, weeks, months and years.  Reflection helps people increase not only their awareness, but their clarity.  Through better awareness and clarity, individuals make new connections between past and current experiences or even may rethink existing connections.


The result of reflection is self improvement.  Human beings from my perspective are in a constant state of self improvement.  Now some do resist change and others make only minute changes. Yet when we look at where human beings have been and where they are now, self improvement is wired into our DNA.

Self improvement leads to success both personally and professionally.  When we move from where we are to where we want to be and make that happen, success is the result.  This is why it makes common sense to have a personal growth action plan with WAY SMART goals.  Within my executive coaching and sales  training coaching  practice, the one common factor beyond a lack of clarity is the lack of a written goal driven personal action plan. As I have said and written in the past far too many people:

  • Are in the role of Captain Wing It (spraying and praying their actions)
  • Place more value in the common written grocery list than they do their entire future
  • Are more reactive than proactive to life’s daily experiences

By adopting RSS feeds (Reflection = Self Improvement = Success) on a regular and personal  basis, more individuals could be where they want to be.  After all, your success begins between your ears for you have the innate ability to change your life.  And you have the ability to transfer those reflected thoughts into your own personal action plan. Believe it or not.

P.S.  If you want a jump up on reflection, self improvement and success (RSS feeds), then consider taking advantage of this free opportunity. Until 3/25/11, I am providing a 100% free emotional intelligence (EQ) report to anyone who requests it.  This is a proven Internet accessible questionnaire than helps you to gain awareness and clarity specific to your emotional intelligence. EQ is a proven leadership competency and sales skill.  Just connect with me via email (see above) or leave a comment.

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