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The Unsuspecting Self Improvement Barrier of Ambivalence

In listening to a presentation on Motivational Interviewing the discussion centered around ambivalence that being the simultaneous and contradictory feelings toward something. I suddenly realized when it comes to self improvement, ambivalence is probably always one of the many barriers that potentially keep people from moving forward.


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How many times do we want to do something to change the status quo and yet our behaviors are contradictory to that desire?

When we invest the time to recognize and identify the specific ambivalence that is holding us back we can then moved forward.  Of course, the shadow behind ambivalence is change and more so the fear of change.

Due to past negative conditioning, we are reluctant to change and much of that reluctance is subconscious. This is why so many self improvement initiatives fail is because all those subconscious thoughts are increasing our fear of change, our ambivalence.

What I also learned during this presentation, that making reflective statements is far more powerful (2 to 1) than asking open ended questions.  Upon my own reflection this made sense because a statement creates a stronger emotional internal, subconscious response.

As you progress through your own self improvement plan and goal setting process, consider if ambivalence is one of the barriers to your own success?


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2 Ways in How To Assess Your Talents

So you want to begin a self improvement plan or you have been asked by your employer to develop your own personal development plan. Regardless what you call your plan, the first place to start is with how to assess your talents. Until you have clarity around what you do well, you may end up, like many others, focusing on the wrong end of the horse, your weaknesses.

how-to-assess-your-talentsThee are only two ways to assess your talents:

  1. Quantitative
  2. Qualitative

Quantitative is all about using measurement that can be expressed in numbers such as achievement tests, hours of work, weight, etc. Qualitative cannot be expressed as a mathematical number but gender, social economic status, personal observations, etc. Sometimes qualitative assessments have numbers using a rubric where people assign a number based on their interpretation.  For example, essays to performance appraisals are quantitative even if numbers are assigned.

Within both of these ways in how to assess your talents, there are formal and informal assessment tools available.

Formal tools such as the Attribute Index talent assessment have been statistically normed within larger populations. There are statistical co-efficients that measure the reliability (Does the assessment consistently measure the same thing?) and validity (Does the assessment measure what it is says it measures?).

Informal tools lack any statistics respective to reliability and validity. These can be self-assessments to surveys.

Both ways in how to assess your talents can be employed as you develop your self improvement plan or personal development plan.  Once you complete your assessment or assessments, then the next step is to gain clarity specific to what areas require your attention. You truly do not want to be hitting the wrong target.

Your biggest challenge is just to sit down, decide to begin walking this new path and just do it.  If you require assistance, now is not the time to think you can do it all alone.  Seek out a co-worker, your boss, a friend, a mentor or even hire an executive coach to get you going.


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