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Will You Be a Casualty of the Sales Coaching or Business Coaching Stampede?

Well, it seems like everyone is now a coach, be it sales coaching, business coaching or even executive coaching.  From local Small Business Development Centers to recently unemployed executives, there continues to be a plethora of “coaches” ready to solve their clients’ problems and fill their own bank accounts.



Yet most have just swapped consulting for coaching and therein lies the problem.

Coaching is not consulting or even mentoring.  Let me repeat that critical statement:

Coaching is not consulting or mentoring!

Coaching in its original intent is about having the client find the answers to her or his own issues. Consulting and mentoring is when the answers are provided by the consultant or mentor.

One of the best definitions regarding the role of for those engaged in sales coaching, business coaching or executive coaching is from Resource Associates Corporation:

“The role of your coach is not to provide answers or solutions. It is to help you develop the potential that lies within you so that your increase your capability to overcome all obstacles and achieve all of your goals…it is to help you discover for yourself where you are today and where you want to be in the future.” (Reprinted with permission)

I share this definition with all clients so that they understand our respective roles.

Great coaches also have employ a process for self discovery supported by proven tools.  The tools in many instances are not the latest and greatest technology applications, but rather tried and proven tools that have been employed for decades if not centuries.

No, not everyone is a coach. No, a coach does not have to be certified through some coaching organization.

If you are thinking of hiring a sales coach, business coach or executive coach ask about his or her process.  Ask about the results that have been achieved and most importantly are those results sustainable? If possible talk to some of his or her past clients, hear from their mouths what results they achieved.

Want to discuss sales coaching with Leanne Hoagland-Smith? Ask about your process for self-discovery. Click here to schedule a free 30 minute session.

P.S. If you want someone else to find your answers, then hire a consultant not a coach.

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Facing a Fear Greater than Cold Calling

Mention cold calling to some salespeople and watch the fear in their eyes.  Yet there is a greater fear within not only the sales world, but the overall professional and personal worlds.  That fear is discovering and facing the truth about yourself.

cold-callingPeople think they fear the truth, but what they really fear is having their accepted truth challenged.  They are comfortable with the status quo, the known.  They believe they know themselves quite well and facing something that is contrary to those beliefs is what they really fear.

So how does one face this fear that is greater than cold calling?

Possibly the first step is to discover what you really do well.  This self=discovery may surprise you as it has surprised over 98,2% of the sales coaching and executive coaching clients I have had the opportunity to assess.

Would you be surprised to know that how you may decisions about the outside world as well as yourself can be assessed?

Did you know you have 78 key attributes or talents that can be measured and ranked?

Download this worksheet, 78-core-talents-self-eval-dl, and rank what you believe you do well. Then take advantage of the special offer.

How about confirming your temperament, your levels of optimism, pessimism or neutrality?

All of this information can bring clarity to what you do well. From this data, you can begin to leverage that information and better understand yourself beyond what you thought you knew.

No longer will the beliefs from the past, the negative conditioning, hold you back. Now you can move forward and embrace what you do well.

Yes cold calling is somewhat scary.  After all, we have been negatively conditioned not to talk to strangers and to not go where we have not been invited.  Doesn’t it make sense to turn all that negative conditioning around, leave it in the past and go forward by actually confirming your talents, what you truly do well?

Schedule a quick phone call by clicking HERE and take advantage of the special offer.  Start the New Year with EXCEPTIONAL  clarity.  Then possibly cold calling won’t be as scary as you have believed all these years.

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