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The 12 Days of Increase Sales Leadership Questions – Day 10

Today’s questions follows the one result you desire to increase sales leadership. (Read yesterday’s posting for further clarification).

What planning action or actions must you take to make that desire a reality in 2018?

President and General Eisenhower said “Plans are worthless; planning is everything.” In this hurry up, must have, quick fix sales culture, planning is often “short cutted” or worse yet ignored. Both actions further contribute to the inability to increase sales leadership.

Planning is all about employing critical thinking skills to overcoming the known and unknown or what if scenarios that may prevent successful execution of the actual written plan.

Yes efficient (doing things right) and effective (doing the right things) planning takes time.  Yet how much time is wasted in redoing what didn’t work? What different increase sales leadership results could have been achieved with some better planning?

Business research continues to reveal many executions fail. My sense is a large majority of those failed sales executions are the result of poor planning, poor thinking.

Funny thing about human nature, people including salespeople look for something, a sales technology tool, a quick sales tip to increase sales leadership results. Yet, the simplistic and least expensive tip is just to sit down and THINK!


The planning and thinking process begins with assessing what is currently happening, what has happened in the past and what may happen in the future.  Then time is invested in clarifying or confirming the research.  Finally executing the outcome of assessing and clarifying takes place with the understanding some of the planning may have to be revised because the marketplace is constantly changing.

Planning is not rocket science.  Anyone with critical thinking sales can engage in this increase sales leadership behavior.

If you truly desire 2018 to be better than any previous year, then invest the time to plan and think your actions, be proactive instead of reactive. Amazing results are indeed possible.

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Sunday Work Life Balance and Sustainability Sales Tip #5

Weekends challenge many sales professionals especially entrepreneurs respective to work life balance and sustainability.  With only so many hours in a day, business leftovers fall to the weekend to complete and then there is always something else to do.

Each Sunday after church, I would hurry  home to take care of some of those business leftovers.  Actually I went to the early mass so that I could get home quicker. Then I realized how much I was missing in learning more about my fellow parishioners and truly enjoying the day.

Now I take time to smell the roses, to inhale life and enjoy the friendship of others.  For work life balance does require some focus on the personal life and not just the business. After church a group of us meet for breakfast. The numbers vary from two to ten depending upon commitments. However, I must admit that when I cannot join this group for breakfast, the beginning of my week suffers.

These time together with fellow church members provide me some sustainability for the forthcoming days. I have learned to listen with even greater clarity. Sales Tip: Active listening is a great sales skill.

With this being a three day weekend, take time to smell the roses, appreciate life and continue to maintain work life balance.  Life is truly too short to always be taking care of the business leftovers at the expense of what life has to offer.

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How to Increase Sales Tip – Remember Your Business Cards

During a discussion with the South Shore Business Networking Group, I asked this question:

What is one thing you can do during the summer months to increase sales and improve your business results?

One member immediately shared her recent experience while attending a social event at the Indiana State Dunes park.  She had her phone, driver’s license, keys and cash. Everything else was left in her purse at home. Given this was a social event with old high school buddies, she did not think to bring her business cards.  However, many of her old high school friends asked what she was doing and she then realized her business cards were in her purse sitting on the kitchen counter.

How many times have you attended a business networking event and meet someone who has no business cards?  Then there are those folks who cross off old phone numbers or email addresses on their business cards and scribble usually not legibly the new information.

Being without a business card is like eating soup with your fingers.

How to increase sales is difficult, but not having business cards (please note this word is plural) on you whether it is a business networking event or even a social event is like broadcasting you are not:

  • Professional
  • Concerned about meeting other individuals
  • Focused on growing your business

Remember this how to increase sales tip by:

  • Placing them in your car
  • Putting them into your jacket pockets
  • Having them in your purse or wallet
  • Keeping them on your desk (to stuff into envelopes)
  • Placing them into your briefcase, portfolio, etc.

Business cards are your first impression besides your overall physical appearance, your smile and your handshake.

Make that first impression memorable not forgettable!

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How to Increase Sales Tip – Stop Annoying Customers

Common sense would suggest that the last thing a company or sales person would as they work through how to increase sales is to tick off or annoy a customer. Yet, businesses both large and small continue to annoy clients through poor customer service.


A report by Consumers Union publishers of Consumer Reports recently released a survey regarding  12 ways to stop annoying customers. These suggestions or really complaints are from approximately 1,000 people interviewed. Those who responded rated their responses on a zero to 10 scale with zero being non-annoying to 10 being most annoying.  And guess what the number one annoying, poor customer service complaint was?

Cannot get a human being on the phone

Now I realize many small to big companies believe humans buy from robots and not from other human beings given all the steps necessary to reach a real live person. Of course having that individual speak understandable English if you are English speaking, know how to handle the customer service issue without forwarding you upstream or downstream while still being polite are other issues.

And don’t you love it when your Internet is down and you get the message about how you can find more information on their website? This for me is like rubbing sand into a wound.

What is interesting to note of the top four poor customer service complaints, three referenced phone systems while all involved communication. The number two complaint was a rude salesperson.

Just imagine what would happen to customer loyalty if businesses recognized that people buy from people?

Golly gee whiz.

Enlightenment, the sun is now pouring out from the sky and life is good!

How to increase sales has been realized!

Poor customer service is an extension of the sales process.  Unfortunately, many organizations have relegated it to being a separate entity or department and have disconnected customer service from the overall sales experience.  Big and bad mistake. This belief has resulted in automated phone systems that all begin with:

Please listen carefully our menu has recently changed.

Yes technology can improve many elements within the sales process.  However, by removing the human touch and turning it over to a robot is not one of them.

So if you are wondering how to increase sales, then consider this sales tip and remember people buy from people. Annoying your customers by forcing them to deal with a robot will not increase sales, will not increase customer loyalty and will not increase profitability no matter what you are told to believe.

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How to Increase Sales Tip – Remove the Destructive Distractions

Technology upgrades have forced me to rethink my home office and my sales productivity. This reflection has me relocating to my first floor office that had become more of a library than a sales productivity center.

What I have learned from this relocation and consolidation (as I am a pack rat) is that I made a conscious decision to remove as many distractions as possible with the first one being the television set.  Even though having the news on provided me a contact with the real world, I now realize it was interfering with my thought processes,  my focus not too mention overall sales productivity.

Distractions can easily detour your daily to do’s as well as your thinking process. This is why I tell clients who are taking one of the several online assessments I offer to remove ALL distractions. For when the phone rings, someone knocks on your door, the computer tells you that you have mail, then the path you are currently walking down suddenly takes a detour and you may not end up where you want to be. Sales Training Coaching Tip: Sometimes it makes sense to follow your own advice.

The detour costs time and time for crazy busy sales people as well as small business owners once spent, used or enjoyed can never be tangibly recovered. Once we realize in our “how to increase sales efforts” that distractions are destructive to our sales productivity, we can them put a plan in place to overcome those destructive non productive activities.

P.S. In the days to come, I shall share some over “how to increase sales tips.

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How to Win More Sales Goes Beyond Your Ears


How many times have you heard a really great:

  • Marketing Tip?
  • Sales Tip?
  • Great idea?

What did you do?

  • Mentally filed it away with all those other great sales tips and ideas?
  • Wrote it down and then filed it away with all those other great written tips on scraps of paper?
  • Physically took action and just did it?

Taking action is change. Maybe this helps to explain why only 1 in 10 people will change as noted by Alan Deutschman in Change or Die.

If you goal is to increase sales, what actions are you taking? If you are not taking specific actions, then you must be completely honest with yourself and ask yourself why?

Right now, you could dramatically increase sales, if you did just these 3 actions:

  1. Follow-up on every qualified lead or referral first
  2. Follow-up on every lead
  3. Reconnect with each potential customer or qualified potential customer at least 5 to 12 times in the first three to six months

The reason you can increase sales just through these three actions is because:

Of course, this may create some extra work since it appears that many professionals sales people are truly not hungry because so few make the necessary contacts to earn the sale and ultimately increase sales.

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