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Let’s Stop Selling to the Quick Fix Need

A great friend and colleague, Dan Waldschmidt, wrote an outstanding blog about the charlatans who provide success advice and are liars. What Dan was addressing was those in sales who sell to the quick fix need.

Read Dan’s blog posting – Why Most Success Advice Is Bullshit and What to Do About It.

These salespeople be them executive coaches, organizational consultants to even instructional designers, look to the quick fix need of a sales lead.  They usually know their sales solution is not effective (doing the right thing) and therefore not sustainable.  Maybe this is why so many salespeople hide from return on investment (ROI).

My History of the Quick Fix in Sales

I first saw this for me unethical sales behavior when I was involved in instructional design.  As a subcontractor I was tasked with writing sales training (instructions) for retail salespeople to sell through a series of computer prompts.  The way the training was scheduled was not going to be sustainable.  Additionally, these salespeople were not being trained on the entire sales process.  This sales training was all about selling without any solid establishment of a relationship.

Later as I established my own executive coaching and consulting practice, I had numerous sales opportunities where the client wanted a quick fix.  I knew that a one time learning event provided very little long term cognitive retention.

How can anyone change his or her behavior when he or she forgets the knowledge to change that behavior?

When the client insisted on a one time learning event and wanted “loosey goosey” outcomes such as “improve communications with customers” or “be better leaders,”  I respectfully declined and stated my sales solution would not be sustainable.

Every potential client told me “well, so and so” said he or she could do it.  I would respond with “Then I would reach out to that individual. I know from my education and experience, what you want will not happen in a one day or two day training event.”

Many people will always be attracted to the quick fix for a variety of reasons.  The only way to provide sustainable solutions is to stop selling to the quick fix.  Take the hit in your sales.

And before you hear some internal response such as “this is what the client wanted” to justify selling to the quick fix, remember your sales solution should be effective (doing the right thing) and sustainable.  You should be able to quickly provide a measurable return on investment (ROI).

As Dan said:

“Success is you doing the right thing. When no one is watching. When it’s hard to do.”

Dan goes on by saying:

“It’s the mindset and the actions created by that mindset that lead to the outward evidence of your success. Stop buying into other people shortcuts.”

The last sentence could be easily rewritten as “Stop selling into other people’s quick fixes.”  For the “quick fix” is a shortcut and truly not sustainable.

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Another Monday Morning and Your Sales Game Plan Is?

Mondays come and go along with all the sales opportunities they hold.  When you have a sales sale game plan, there is a far greater likelihood of capitalizing on those sales opportunities.

Possibly, you may wish to consider having a checklist as you begin your sales week.

  1. Check your calendar for today’s activities – 30 seconds
  2. Check your calendar for the forthcoming week’s activities – 15 seconds
  3. Check your calendar for the rest of the month – 15 seconds
  4. Read and clean out your email – 10 minutes
  5. Organize your desk, file any loose papers – 5 minutes
  6. Review and update your sales goals – 1 minute
  7. Review and update your marketing goals – 1 minute
  8. Review and update your personal goals – 1 minute
  9. Devote 20 minutes for reading – 20 minutes
  10. Invest 15 minutes and write down any thoughts, an article, etc. – 15 minutes
  11. Read your affirmations or what I call positive belief statements – 2 minutes
  12. Check to make sure all smart devices are charged, pens work and you have business cards – 4 minutes

This checklist can work with your sales game plan.  By investing 60 minutes each morning, you can get ahead of what needs to be done and start your Monday with all cylinders firing.

One of my favorite quotes is my U.S. President and General Dwight Eisenhower who said:  “Plans are worthless; planning is everything.”  Your Monday morning checklist is truly about planning your sales game so you can take advantage of all those expected and even more important unexpected sales opportunities.

Most of us know how good it feels to be on top of things.  What happens far too often we get behind because we failed to invest some proactive time planning our day, our week, our month and our year. This planning failure contributes to those potentially negative subconscious feelings and leaves us with those all too often “would of, could of, should of” Weasel Words.

Monday mornings are a time to seize the day and make each week one of incredible peace and abundance.

Not really sure how to construct your sales game plan? Then schedule a time to speak with Leanne by CLICKING HERE or call 219.508.2859 MST.

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Sales Coaching Tip: 3 Words to Change Your Sales Results

What would happen to your ability to increase sales results if you just remembered three (3) words in all your interactions with sales prospects, sales leads, colleagues and clients?  Do you possibly think you could change your sales results?


Credit –


Sales Coaching Tip:  Feel

When you meet with someone because people buy from people they know and trust, what do you what them to feel because trust begins with an emotion, a feeling.  Trust does not begin from a point of logic. Knowledge, facts or logic support the building of trust.

People are human beings who are emotional creatures first and foremost.  Our feelings are innate within us. People buy on emotion first, justified by logic.  So why wouldn’t you think about this word “feel.”  What do you want others to feel about you?

Sales Coaching Tip: Know

Once the feelings are in place, then what do you want the other person to know about you, your company and if you have enough time your solution. This “knowing” continues to build the relationship that came from the feelings. Remember your first to third meetings may just expand your buyer knowing about you and continuing those positive feelings of trust.

Sales Coaching Tip: Do

Finally before you conclude the sales conversation, what do you want the person to do? A call to action from a simple “Let’s get together for coffee” or “Let’s connect on LinkedIn” allows you to continue making contact with the individual.  Given most sales are earned after 4 contacts, then possibly the reason your sales results are languishing is because you aren’t making enough contacts?

Remember these three words are not just about your sales leads, your prospects, but are equally about you.

What do  you feel when meeting a new person?

What do you know about yourself and know about that person?

What do you want to do regarding this sales conversation or sales appointment?

Yes Feel, Know and Do are three action verbs that can truly improve your sales results.

If I asked what what do you do well, what would you tell me.  Here are 78-core-talents-self-eval-dl.  Identify your first one and then take this special opportunity to confirm your own beliefs. What I have learned is over 98% of the salespeople and executives I have assessed, do not know what they do well. Then two questions are:

“How many sales opportunities have you lost?”

Can you continue to lose sales opportunities?

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Begin Today to Expand Your Sales Opportunities

Every day is a new day and a day filled with incredible sales opportunities.  The only limitation is your beliefs that restrict your actions.



Of course to take advantage of all those sales opportunities may require some pre-advanced or predetermined thinking.  These reflective thoughts support your ongoing efforts for clarity.

Much is written about what makes for a successful salesperson.  After some 40 years in sales, collaborating with other successful sales people and just observing sales behaviors in general, I truly believe all top sales performers have this one trait among all others:


They gain this clarity by the following supporting actions:

  • They have a plan for sales growth
  • They know their ideal customer
  • Their marketing message is extremely directed and focused
  • They continually work to hone their sales skills through ongoing self-improvement
  • They leverage their reach by establishing communities
  • They invest time to know their numbers
  • They do not seek the quick fix

All of these actions reinforce and work with gaining new sales opportunities.

Have you consider to change your results, your must change your beliefs and therefore your actions?

Questions To Ask Yourself Each Morning

What would happen if you asked yourself just these three questions each morning?

  1. What is the one action I have postponed taking?
  2. What is the one action I must take today?
  3. What one person can I make smile today?

Questions to Ask Yourself Each Evening

Then before you close your office door for the day, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Did I take that one postponed action?
  2. How did I feel by taking action?
  3. Did I take that one must do action today?
  4. What where the results from that action?
  5. Who did I make smile today?
  6. Why was that important for that person?

Years ago a colleague said “We drive by more sales than we will ever have.” Today, I believe “We drive by more sales opportunities than we will ever have because we fail to stop the car.”

CLICK HERE to schedule a brief call with Leanne to discover how you can generate more sales opportunities.

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Top Sales Performers Sell What They Have

An amazing characteristic about all the top sales performers I know is they sell what they have.  These high earning salespeople do not attempt to change the buyer’s situation.

top-sales-performersImagine for a moment, a woman walking into an upper end clothing store. The clerk tells the woman, the customer, she needs to lose weight (to change) if she wishes to buy a certain dress.

Or you are a realtor and have approached a seller.  Instead of looking at the home for what it offers, you suggest the homeowner needs to make thousands of dollars that will not generate increase the asking price given the comparables.  Your advice appears to make the home easier to sell for you so you can earn a commission at the expense of the homeowner.

Consider a salesperson who sells IT services to a small and mid-size businesses. For his solution to work, the buyer must make thousands of dollars in changes before even purchasing the salesperson’s solution.   Does this make sense?

Possibly in these instances, the salespeople thought they were being helpful, but they weren’t. Some might even suggest by requesting the buyer to change they were being lazy, they were not selling what they have.

Years ago I sold pipe, vales and fittings.  In many instances what the buyer wanted I did not have.  When I could provide alternates that met engineering specifications, I would offer those.  At no time did I suggest to the customer,  to change the specifications even if I thought the specifications were “overkill.”  I sold what I had and sometimes I was not able to sell what I had.

When salespeople fail to sell what they have, they may be losing incredible sales opportunities. Of course to sell what they have does require knowing what they have. If you want to be among the top sales performers, ask yourself:

  • Do I know that I have be it tangible inventory to intangible solutions?
  • Am I expecting the buyer to change to accommodate me?
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Where Realtors Are Missing Sales Opportunities – Part 3

As we are in the process of selling our home, one of the first actions I take when I receive outreach from a realtor is to go to LinkedIn.  I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am as to how many realtors are ignoring LinkedIn specific to sales prospecting and sales opportunities.

sales-opportunitiesNow many of these realtors have Facebook pages.  And that is not a bad sales prospecting strategy. However given so many B2B professionals are on LinkedIn, here is an opportunity to learn potentially a little more about your sales lead especially if he or she is selling a high worth home.

Top sales performers do their homework when engaged in sales prospecting.  They know the more they know the greater likelihood they will convert those sales opportunities into actual earned sales.

Also having an extensive network is also essential within sales regardless of industry.  People buy from people they know and trust. An extensive network provides additional sales referrals and ongoing sales leads.

For example in speaking with the receptionist of my dentist, I shared we were moving. She asked if my husband was a veteran because one of the dentist’s patients was a realtor who mentioned she is now working with veterans.  I received the realtor’s name and number.

Upon returning home, my first action was to look her up in LinkedIn. She had less than 100 contacts and a weak profile. I was pleased to see she had a professional picture.

Then I called the realtor. We talked and I learned she had sold homes in the $250,000 to  $750,000 price range. If she is selling homes in that price range, there is a good chance the homeowner is on LinkedIn. To ignore LinkedIn she among many other realtors is missing sales opportunities.

The real estate marketing continues to evolve. Sales prospecting for realtors is also evolving.  To not take advantage of all sales prospecting channels is foolhardy and will work against the goal to increase sales.

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Where Realtors Are Missing Sales Opportunities – Part 2

The world of sales is changing and this includes the real estate market. Finding new sales opportunities in an evolving marketing requires thinking and doing things differently.



Currently the majority of business models within the residential real estate market is a 50/50 split of the commission paid by the owner of the home being sold. One realtor lists a home and usually a realtor from another firm sells the home.

Even though many realtors only want to list a home because this is the way they have done it for years, they are missing sales opportunities when the home does not sell.  Depending upon the time involved, there could be tens to hundreds of hours wasted when the home fails to sell.  All those hours devoted to marketing are lost and worse yet there is no revenue.

Enter the For Sale By Owner sellers and realtors are even more entrenched into just listing the house.  How ridiculous given there are a plethora of sales opportunities to be had to increase sales.

For example, instead of fighting the For Sale By Owner seller, why not act as a real estate consultant? Create a an affordable, alacarte fee schedule for the following:

  • Advising on how to make your home “show ready”
  • Providing more professional looking photographs to even taking a video
  • Writing actual marketing copy to be placed on free real estate listing websites such as Zillow
  • Offering to provide a lock box to even just a MLS number
  • Establishing a dedicated website
  • Posting to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Instead of hoping to get paid for marketing services, now the real estate agent gets paid for his or her efforts. Even better, the real estate agent is now developing a relationship with the For Sale By Owner seller.  Since people buy from people they know and trust, the realtor is becoming a trusted resource. Here is a potential sales referral resource as well.

As it has been said, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different results, you are embracing insanity.  Now is the time to get ahead of the residential real estate market and actually get paid for your marketing services (listing) instead of hoping another realtor brings a buyer to your listing.

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Where Realtors Are Missing Sales Opportunities – Part 1

The real estate market is changing. Yet many realtors are not adapting and leveraging those changes.  They are missing incredible sales opportunities by sticking to their existing business model as well as past sales behaviors.


Credit –

Right now in most communities, there is incredible sales opportunities (think low hanging fruit) which with a little effort can be turned into sales revenue.  However, because of existing business models and past sales behaviors these sales opportunities continues to be ignored.

So what is this low hanging sales fruit? 

The answer is For Sale By Owner.

Many realtors or real estate agents or brokers view For Sale By Owner as a threat.  Their goal is to list the home because it is a fairly easy commission provided the home sells.  The real estate industry statistics continue to show 80-90% of all homes are sold by a realtor not associated with the listing firm.

Since the sales commission is usually split 50/50 between the listing broker and the selling broker, asking for a commission from a For Sale By Owner seller does not decrease revenue.  In fact, if the realtor actually brings a qualified buyer to the seller, revenue is increased as is profitability. The realtor does not have to pay for:

  • Any marketing
  • Any lock boxes
  • Any other operational costs associated with listing the home

What this REALLY means is the realtor must truly be a salesperson. Also, the real estate agent must know how to negotiate. He or she must demonstrate value especially to a potentially jaded homeowner.

Chances are the homeowner had already had one or two realtors without success or has heard other horror stories.  The National Association of Realtors commissioned the Danger Report in 2015. This report revealed the number one danger at 100% threat level is the incompetence of  residential real estate agents. No wonder many homeowners have reason to be concerned.

Yes in some instances, the home may have been priced too high or there may have been other issues.  However with today’s Internet sites such as Zillow, homeowners are becoming far more educated than in the past. To ignore For Sale By Owner Homes especially if you as the realtor want to increase sales is frankly illogical and may speak to your real issue – a fear of selling.

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And That Is Why They Call It Sales

One key difference between am average to even good salesperson and a great one centers around having an open mind.  In sales, it is that open mind that allows top sales performers to see abundance where others only see scarcity and end up with their heads in their hands.

A colleague who is selling is upper end priced home had a relator come in for an open house.  Upon looking at the kitchen counters, she immediately exclaimed “You don’t have granite. Granite is expected in homes in this price range.” He responded:


 “You are right and that is why they call it sales.”

The realtor had a very perplex look on her face. He continued:

“”When  I built this home almost 20 years ago, I had two choices, granite or Corian, both selections were priced equally.  Given I do a lot of food preparation, I wanted a sanitary surface. Unless granite is consistently maintained with sealing and polishing, food particles can become embedded in the surface creating the possibility of contamination to actual food poisoning such as salmonella. Corian is a non-porous material and ideal for safe food preparation. So for me the choice was obvious unless you prefer food poisoning?”

The realtor sat in stunned silence because she was not aware of the advantages of Corian over granite. Her mind became immediately closed when she did not see granite counter tops.

The question to ask yourself right now if you are in salesis:

How many times have I had a closed mind and

missed sales opportunities?

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