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The 12 Days of Increase Sales Leadership Questions – Day 11

The ability to increase sales leadership begins from within. Outside resources from sales training to sales books to attending motivational speaking events support all those internal desires and emotions.

If your one action action to increase sales leadership was realized, how would that make you feel?

So often we ignore our feelings, our emotions. We are encouraged to seek more knowledge and skills. Yet it is our emotions that more than often contribute to our successes or failures.

Henry Ford said:

“Whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you are right.”

My sense is a better quote would be:

“Whether you feel you can or you feel you cannot  you are right.”

How often do we allow our feelings of discouragement, fears and negativity to keep us from moving forward?

We appear to gravitate towards the negative potential outcomes instead of the positive ones.

Feelings must be balanced with logic. However for that balance to be present, feelings must be acknowledged. Possibly this is why emotional intelligence in sales leadership is becoming more and more prevalent.

Our feelings is what makes us unique.  We can share those feelings in a positive, professional and sincere manner without being viewed as unauthentic or if you prefer “brown nosing.”

As I have shared before President Theodore Roosevelt said:

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

How can you increase sales leadership results if you are viewed as not caring?

When we apply emotional intelligence to our responses, we are not only recognizing and understanding the emotions of others, but we are simultaneously recognizing and understanding our own emotions.

In the play Hamlet, Shakespeare wrote “To thine own self be true.” However the verses before this quite famous quote as far more telling respective to individual feelings.

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Always Be Careful of Your Sales Message – Part 1

Yesterday my husband and I heard another sales presentation by a very professional real estate broker.  During his sales message, he misspoke a couple of times. Probably a less educated buyer would not have picked up on these inconsistencies.

sales-messageHe is not the first salesperson I have encountered in the last nearly 40 years who has said the wrong thing. Sometimes these misspeaks are innocent and unintentional.  Other times they are quite intentional because they presume the sales lead is not knowledgeable.

The sales world is changing everything from the buying and selling of real estate to banking to outsourcing to even buying cars.  Business models must change and this demands a change in the overall sales presentation.

For example, sales research continues to affirm that today’s B2B buyers are far more educated. Even with the B2C buyers, they are looking to the Internet for reviews from hotels to restaurants to even healthcare professionals.

In looking to sell our home, I did my research,  I learned from continually reading about the housing market.  Without our subdivision, I tracked the other homes being sold by list price and square footage.  What I learned is the average square footage was $100.  This allowed me to price the home based on this square footage.

I also learned about the going real estate commissions as well as having the opportunity to purchase a MLS number without having an extensive and somewhat restrictive contract with a real estate broker.  Also I reached out to my network to gather even more information to marketing and actually selling a home.

Yes right now I am probably in the minority of educated home sellers. However in several years, I believe the tide will change and there will be a significant increase in educated home sellers and buyers.

In reading several new sales books, these authors are also suggesting salespeople must be careful in their sales messages. I will be sharing these books in the future.

Right now I can only encourage you to rethink your sales message especially if you have not recognized how your sales lead has probably changed.  The last action you want to commit is to insult your potential buyer.

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Why the Fear of Sales and The Need to Repackage Sales into Something Else?

Another book just popped up on my radar screen that looks to connect with the fear of sales.  My simple question is Why?


Is the fear of sales or selling so great we must repackage it into some new methodology just to sell a new sales book or sales coaching program?

The fact is everyone is in sales. People sell feelings and movement all day long. Only some people get paid to move those feelings toward their solutions.

Let’s stop using fear to sell sales books,  sales training or sales coaching.

One of my closet colleagues, Robert Terson, wrote a book, Selling Fearlessly. He plowed through the fear of sales and selling by calling it:


My suggestion for today and tomorrow is if you are looking for a new book on sales, forget those that talk about the demise of selling or that look to leverage your fear of sales. Instead look to those books that truly recognize we are all in sales such as Daniel Pink’s book To Sell Is Human or even The Challenger Sale.

Leanne Hoagland-Smith is a heurist who looks to discover new ways to guide and support rapidly growing small businesses or those who wish to grow beyond their current employees as well as executives in chaos.  She can be reached at 219.759.5601 CST.

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Are We Making Selling and Sales Too Complex?

With all the sales experts, gurus, consultants to small business coaches, there appears to be an ever growing trend of making selling and sales far more complex than it needs to be.  Yes, there are complex sales that involve multiple decision makers and have an extended to what seems like an exhausted sales cycle time. These are the few not the many.

When we examine the small business statistics, the majority of US businesses in 2007 were now non-employers (no employees):

  • Total US Businesses at 27,757,676
  • Non-employed with 0 employees at 21,708,021 or  78.7%
  • Firms with 1-4 employees at 3,705,275 or 13.3%
  • Firms with 5-9 employees at 1,060,250 or 3.8%
  • Firms with 10-19 employees at 644,842 or 2.3%
  • Firms with 20-99 employees at 532,391 or 1.9%
  • Firms with 100-499 employees at 88,586 or .32%
  • Firms with 500 employees at 18,311 or .066%

The reality is the majority of businesses in this country are those with under 20 employees accounting for 98.1% of all small businesses. Hence, the two questions to be asked are:

  1. Is there a misalignment between sales training coaching, sales management, selling and marketing?
  2. Is this misalignment creating way too much complexity?

Now if the goal is to sell the latest, greatest sales training, coaching, sales books, maybe there is a reason for all this complexity.

However if the goal is to increase sales for the majority of small businesses in the US, is it time to rethink where the real gaps are and address those gaps instead of buying into the next generation sales systems to customer relationship management (CRM) system draining the profit coffers for those small businesses? Sales Training Coaching Tip:  From my experience, ineffective executive leadership, poor marketing to no strategic thinking contributes far more to the inability to increase sales than poor sales skills.

Are we forgetting the most important element within selling and sales?  People?

People buy from people.

Zig Ziglar said it the best when defining sales.

“Sales is the transference of feelings.”

Selling and sales are about people connecting with other people, transferring feelings (think establishing relationships, building trust.)  Maybe it is time to bring back that human connection and return to the simplicity of selling and sales?

P.S. On November 2, 2012 from 12 to 12:30pm CST, I will be offering a FREE 30 minute webinar, If You Are Telling, You Ain’t Selling, on one tool that has been around for years  (nope I did not create it) and how to use this tool to increase sales. Seating is limited to 50. Register over at Eventbrite.

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