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Sales Success Goes Beyond Determination

Many sales experts including sales coaches share quotes about sales success or success in general. These words of wisdom sometimes include the word determination.  Yet determination is almost a smoke screen hiding the one of the essential characteristics for sales success.

What Is Hiding?

Years ago I learned this definition of success from Resource Associates Corporation and discovered what was hiding within many definitions of success:

“Success is the continual achievement of your predetermined goals stabilized by balance and purified by belief.”

Your actions must be predetermined.  Determined spraying and praying your actions will not yield the success you want.

Later I amended this great definition of success by adding these two clauses:

“Success is the continual achievement of your predetermined goals stabilized by balance, purified by belief, aligned to your purpose and fueled by your passion.”

I believe misalignment of purpose happens with determined actions.  As a colleague said “People confuse motion with progress and activity with results.” Our passion is what keeps us going after those too frequent not interested to all those voice mails that are never returned.

Sales success begins and ends with predetermined actions. President and General Dwight Eisenhower said “Plans are worthless; planning is everything.” Determined actions are the plans while predetermined actions are the planning.

Predetermination beginning actions include making lists such as what I suggested in yesterday’s blog. Reflection is a companion to predetermination actions because you are thinking about what specifically needs to be done before you take determined action.

Reflection upon what has happened during the day is the end of daily predetermination actions.

  • How did the day go?
  • What went well?
  • What didn’t go as well as planned?
  • Whom did you fail?
  • Who helped you?
  • What actions will you take tomorrow?

Sales Coaching Tip:  This is an exceptional book, From Values to Actions,  about predetermined action and success in sales, in leadership and in life.

As you embrace each day, write down what actions are necessary to move you forward to achieve your desired sales results. Then predetermined actions will become an attitude, a habit of thought, and propel you toward the sale success finish line.

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Will You Be a Casualty of the Sales Coaching or Business Coaching Stampede?

Well, it seems like everyone is now a coach, be it sales coaching, business coaching or even executive coaching.  From local Small Business Development Centers to recently unemployed executives, there continues to be a plethora of “coaches” ready to solve their clients’ problems and fill their own bank accounts.



Yet most have just swapped consulting for coaching and therein lies the problem.

Coaching is not consulting or even mentoring.  Let me repeat that critical statement:

Coaching is not consulting or mentoring!

Coaching in its original intent is about having the client find the answers to her or his own issues. Consulting and mentoring is when the answers are provided by the consultant or mentor.

One of the best definitions regarding the role of for those engaged in sales coaching, business coaching or executive coaching is from Resource Associates Corporation:

“The role of your coach is not to provide answers or solutions. It is to help you develop the potential that lies within you so that your increase your capability to overcome all obstacles and achieve all of your goals…it is to help you discover for yourself where you are today and where you want to be in the future.” (Reprinted with permission)

I share this definition with all clients so that they understand our respective roles.

Great coaches also have employ a process for self discovery supported by proven tools.  The tools in many instances are not the latest and greatest technology applications, but rather tried and proven tools that have been employed for decades if not centuries.

No, not everyone is a coach. No, a coach does not have to be certified through some coaching organization.

If you are thinking of hiring a sales coach, business coach or executive coach ask about his or her process.  Ask about the results that have been achieved and most importantly are those results sustainable? If possible talk to some of his or her past clients, hear from their mouths what results they achieved.

Want to discuss sales coaching with Leanne Hoagland-Smith? Ask about your process for self-discovery. Click here to schedule a free 30 minute session.

P.S. If you want someone else to find your answers, then hire a consultant not a coach.

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Gratitude Is Graciousness of Spirit

Life is so incredibly short and chaotic we sometimes leave gratitude along side the road much like the rotting road kill carcasses.

gratitudeWhy can’t we be gracious and take the time to authentically show our gratitude?

Do we not understand or appreciate how others feel when they are the recipients of our gracious behaviors?

Are we so concerned about ourselves, so ego driven that we rationalize others know we are thankful?

What impact does this attitude of not thanking others have on our spirits?

Yesterday I received a short handwritten note from a colleague who had attended a presentation I gave last week at Resource Associates Corporation.   What a surprise to read these words:

“Thanks so much for presenting at quarterly. I always enjoy what you have to bring and it was very useful and thought provoking. Keep doing what you are doing and making an impact with your clients and community. God Bless.”

Reading those words made my spirit sing and I truly appreciated this individual for making the time to share his gratitude with me. When we receive such signs of thanks, we can also feel the spirit of the person behind the caring thoughts, the smile or even the spoken words.

My own gratitude goal is to write three handwritten notes each week to others with the expressed purpose of thanking them. After this conference concluded, I wrote four notes upon my return to my office. Writing each of those short notes lifted my spirit as well.

When we are consistently and consciously aware that life is short, that people who are our family, friends and even new acquaintances can be gone in a moment, possibly we may be more willing to be thankful for those moments when someone graciously touches our spirit and we receive a moment of joy, of peace and of abundance.

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Article Marketing & Blogging: Where Do You Find Quality Writing Topics & Content?

The Blogging for Business Pay What You Can Afford Workshop generated this one question from David Lindgren of Comfort Keepers of LaPorte, IN:  Where do you find the content for your 2,000 plus articles including over 1,600 at Ezine Articles and your over 120 business and sales blog posting?

Having presented at numerous conferences on my approach to education based marketing the most recent being in Spring of 2010 at Resource Associates Corporation, this is probably the most frequently asked question (FAQ). My response was simple, just observe and listen to what is happening around you, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and you can discover a plethora of writing ideas.

For example, yesterday I posted this blog on social media after receiving an alert from Smart Brief. As noted in that posting, alerts are a great way to constantly receive ideas for new content.

One of the best ways to find ideas is to do the research regarding key words specific to your business. This will take time, but it is time well invested.

Then brain storm using those keywords to create some titles. This begins to prime your mental thought processes. Later as your brain becomes more conditioned to look for content writing opportunities you will begin to notice billboards, phrases in songs or passages in books you have read.

As you continue to write and develop a following, you can write title that have few to no keywords, but are still read.  One of my favorite titles was this one “Increase Sales Just Be Eating More Frogs”.

Also using Top Tips or a similar word is another great writing prompt to help you generate great writing content. For example:

Quality content for blogging is available for anyone.  All you must do is stop, listen and just take a few moments to think.  You will be incredibly surprised by how much you really do know.

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