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What Makes for a Great Sales Attitude?

Noted sales expert Zig Ziglar said an “attitude is a habit of thought.”  If we apply his definition to what makes a great sales attitude, the response will be various habits of thought.

sales-attitudeTop sales performers have more than one habit of thought, more than one attitude when it comes to selling.

These attitudes can be observed through sales behaviors that are supported through various talents. When these talents are combined, they turn into sales skills.

Since each salesperson is a unique individual, he or she will demonstrate a different sales attitude.  For example, being able to sell is many times based upon the talent of persuading others. Two behaviors for this talent might be:

  • A behavior is to have someone change his or her mind
  • A behavior is to demonstrate emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence begins with a habit of thought.  Emotionally intelligent people have the attitude of recognizing and understanding the emotions of others; recognizing and understanding their own emotions and then being able to manage both.  These individuals do not engage in reactionary, emotional behavior.

Another talent might be personal drive. Here the salesperson completes given tasks on time and is always challenging himself or herself to learn something new.  These are the salespeople who have a sales attitude to challenge the status quo.

A great sales attitude looks different for each salesperson. However what is not different are the results.  These results are reflected by increase sales, high percentage of sales conversions to a continually filled sales pipeline.

Just think about the possibilities specific to your sales results if you could learn your 78 key talents and improve how you make decisions?  Would you increase sales? Would you have less stress?

Now is the time early in the 2017 sales year to take advantage of this special opportunity until 3/31/2017 to not only learn those 78 key talents (Attribute Index), but your communication style (DISC Index) and what motivates (Values Index) you to increase sales.

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How Prepared Are You as Quarterback for Your Super Bowls of Life Wins?

Super Bowl XLVIII will be here tomorrow.  As usual the media outlets are promoting a lot of news regarding the players especially the quarterbacks.  Several news outlets focused on Peyton Manning and his extreme dedication as quarterback, to being prepared and to winning.

quarterbackJust imagine if all business leaders to individuals exhibited the self improvement that runs so deep within this star athlete who has faced numerous injuries and still keeps on playing like the little “Energizer Bunny?”

In reading numerous articles, I realized Manning consistently demonstrated self-leadership. Many people want this type of leadership for themselves and those around them.  They recognize self leadership is necessary to win their own Super Bowls of Life.

Peyton Manning understands that preparation is the one of the keys to winning. His thought echos the wise words of President Eisenhower:

“Plans are worthless; planning is everything.”

Planning is preparation and preparation does not happen without devoting specific time each day for this self improvement trait.

Peyton Manning is no “Captain Wing It” or “Quarterback Wing It” where he just sprays his passes all over the place and prays some running back will catch one.

Since his earliest days (probably pre-college), Manning has developed positive habits that have stayed with him his entire career.

During one radio broadcast, I listened how he corrected football practice plays and even chastised fellow team members for not capitalizing on his mistakes during practice. Not only does he want to be the best through his own personal drive, but he wants his team members to be the best.

Peyton Manning probably would be one of Vince Lombardi’s quarterbacks if Lombardi was still alive.  The reason for this statement, Coach Lombardi started every practice season calling his team together and in one hand holding out a pigskin with this statement “Gentlemen, this is a football.”

Lombardi knew and Manning knows that practicing the basics with the right mental attitude is essential to winning the Super Bowls of the NFL or one’s own Super Bowls of Life.

So if you want to win your future Super Bowls, then possibly consider adopting some of Peyton Manning’s self-improvement behaviors because even if you don’t win, you will be a lot further ahead than where you started.

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Sales Leadership Talent of Personal Drive

Being in small business is a two-sided sword. One day you are on top of the world and possibly the next day you are thinking “Why am I doing this?” For those in any sales leadership role, this is where the talent of personal drive comes into action.

sales-leadershipTop sales performers have strong beliefs and feelings about the ongoing need to “achieve, accomplish or complete something.  This “drive” can take many forms (e.g., tasks, knowledge, career, physical, etc.), but it involves the level of personal motivation a person is capable of bringing to bear on any given task which they feel is important.” (Source: Innermetrix)

For those who consistently demonstrate this sales leadership talent of personal drive they “focus considerable intent on the completion of a task or objective once they are convinced of the benefits involved in its completion.” (Source: Innermetrix)

Even though these individuals look like multi-taskers, in reality they are not. They have internally prioritized what needs to be done. With their strong and intentional focus, they accomplish what needs to be handled first without allowing other priorities to weigh them down or stop their forward movement.

One key difference between those who consistently demonstrate this sales leadership talent of personal drive and those who do not is the commitment of “substantial internal resources towards the completion of a task, even once convinced of its importance.  This can be due to a variety of factors, but the most common by far in a business setting is usually based on inadequate ‘Role Awareness.’  This capacity can be improved by improving the understanding, or awareness, a person has for their role. “ (Source: Innermetrix)

Personal drive as a sales leadership talent or a talent for any other leadership role is essential. These folks are very much like the Energizer Bunny who keep going and going because they know what needs to be done and are committed to doing what needs to be done.

So do you know your personal drive in relationship to your role awareness or 76 other key attributes. If you are curious, then this assessment, the Attribute Index, may help you gain greater clarity. This new sales assessment solution of the Attribute Index talent assessment along with a personalized recap is now just $47.

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