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Isn’t It Time to Let Go of the Hope Sales Fallacy?

Have you ever heard this hope sales fallacy from a SMB owner or salesperson “I hope to make this sale?” or “I hope sales improves?” Many years ago before the book Hope Is Not a Strategy, my 4’10” Swedish grandmother told me “Hope did get me to America.”  No she planned for it and then worked her plan for 20 years.



For these SMB owners and salespeople hope becomes a sales fallacy to increase sales. They pin their sales forecasts on hope, on maybes, on wishes and not on reality.

Have you ever walked into a business to business networking event with the “hope” to meet one person?  Or do you attend these events with a specific goal or goals?  Then did you reflect upon your success or failure to achieving these goals?

Part of the reason for this ongoing sales fallacy is these same professionals lack a well thought out written strategic plan.  Instead they engage in Captain Wing It Behaviors where they spray their marketing and sales activities all over the wall and then pray something will stick.

Because of all these Captain Wing It behaviors, there is usually no:

  • Ideal customer profile or profiles
  • Marketing plan
  • Sales plan
  • Customer loyalty retention plan
  • Financial plan
  • Innovation plan
  • Leadership (personal development plan)
  • Forecasting based on past numbers beyond P&L statement
  • Weekly or monthly reflection except for sales numbers

Hope is a thought, a desire, a wish. Unless there is a well thought of plan with specific action steps, measurable outcomes and built in accountability, the goal to increase sales will still allude most SMBs. Possibly the first step to change this counterproductive behavior is to learn through these 78-core-talents-self-eval-dl  what you do well so you can stop hoping.

If you are still engaged in hope, click HERE to schedule a quick phone call with Leanne to learn how you can stop hoping and start doing.

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Time for Your Own Self-Improvement Check-In

So did you hit all of your self-improvement goals?  What, you did not have any written down?

self-improvementWith information increasing at what seems like the speed of light, how can you not have your own self-improvement plan?  In reviewing my own personal development plan, I achieved most of my goals.

Personal Development Plan

My own personal development plan includes the following:

Mental Development

  • Books to read = 2 a month/non-fiction and 2 a month fiction = achieved
  • Publications to read= 2 a week = achieved
  • Conferences (continuing education) = 2 per year = Only attended one; second one was cancelled due to receiving a local award and a family wedding
  • Workshops/seminars (continuing education) = 1 per month includes on-line – achieved

Physical Development

  • Eating healthier = achieved
  • 5 – 30 minute walks per week – 50% achieved
  • 10,000 steps per day – 75% achieved

Ethics & Beliefs

  • Attend church weekly – achieved
  • Attend mid-week service at least 50% of the weeks – achieved
  • Maintain financial commitment to church through tithing – achieved
  • Join another community civic organization – achieved by joining Rotary International, Valparaiso club


  • Continue to expand credibility and influence – achieved, recognized as small business journalist along with blog receiving international recognition
  • Continue to market Career & College Success Boot Camp -achieved
  • Continue with 2 mastermind/mentoring groups – achieved
  • Develop at least one new solution – achieved; actually developed 2 new solutions

self-improvementRight now I am completing one of my family goals in seeing our first grandchild.  This involved being away from my office for almost 3 weeks.  And seeing her one month old face has been worth the additional efforts to be near her.

Additionally I have personal financial goals and social goals. At the end of each year, I plan a new self-improvement action plan along with my business action plan. By taking these actions, I have greater clarity and my behaviors are for more intentional.

If you want the next year to be better than the current one, then sit down and commit your WAY SMART goals to writing.  You just made be surprised by your results this time next year.

If you need a goal driven self-improvement plan, then you may find this one page personal development action plan of interest.

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2 Ways in How To Assess Your Talents

So you want to begin a self improvement plan or you have been asked by your employer to develop your own personal development plan. Regardless what you call your plan, the first place to start is with how to assess your talents. Until you have clarity around what you do well, you may end up, like many others, focusing on the wrong end of the horse, your weaknesses.

how-to-assess-your-talentsThee are only two ways to assess your talents:

  1. Quantitative
  2. Qualitative

Quantitative is all about using measurement that can be expressed in numbers such as achievement tests, hours of work, weight, etc. Qualitative cannot be expressed as a mathematical number but gender, social economic status, personal observations, etc. Sometimes qualitative assessments have numbers using a rubric where people assign a number based on their interpretation.  For example, essays to performance appraisals are quantitative even if numbers are assigned.

Within both of these ways in how to assess your talents, there are formal and informal assessment tools available.

Formal tools such as the Attribute Index talent assessment have been statistically normed within larger populations. There are statistical co-efficients that measure the reliability (Does the assessment consistently measure the same thing?) and validity (Does the assessment measure what it is says it measures?).

Informal tools lack any statistics respective to reliability and validity. These can be self-assessments to surveys.

Both ways in how to assess your talents can be employed as you develop your self improvement plan or personal development plan.  Once you complete your assessment or assessments, then the next step is to gain clarity specific to what areas require your attention. You truly do not want to be hitting the wrong target.

Your biggest challenge is just to sit down, decide to begin walking this new path and just do it.  If you require assistance, now is not the time to think you can do it all alone.  Seek out a co-worker, your boss, a friend, a mentor or even hire an executive coach to get you going.


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