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No Purpose Leads to Bad Decisions and Consequently Bad Results

A colleague of mine S. Anthony Iannarino, discussed in his weekly email about how changing one’s decision changes one’s trajectory.  I agree with him because there are a lot of bad results happening because of bad decisions.

bad-decisionsYears ago I read this book The On Purpose Person by Kevin McCarthy.  He rendered down purpose to being a light switch.  When the light switch is on, you are on purpose.  Conversely when the light switch is off, you are no longer on purpose.

Many bad decisions are the result of not having clarity around one’s purpose.  This is true for any professional in any role from sales to leadership and everything in between.

So what is your purpose?  Have you taken the time to answer:

“Why are you here right now in this moment in time?” 

For example the purpose of young babies is to eat, sleep and dirty their diapers.  As they grow older their purpose changes to playing and asking all those “Why” questions.  In later life for many, the purpose again changes to being loving and engaged grandparents.

When we lack clarity around our purpose, we then unintentionally make bad decisions.  These bad decisions create bad direction or trajectory as Iannarino alludes to in his posting.

Additionally the lack of purpose may help to explain why so many people reside in the Land of Indecision.  As I have said countless times “Indecision is a decision not to take action.”  Others have been quoted as saying “even a bad decision is better than no decision.”  How do you know if the decision is bad until you actually execute it?

In working through your purpose, this tip may help.  How would you answer this question?

What gifts do you bring to the table of life?

By identifying your gifts, you probably have unintentionally also identified many of your positive core values. Is not being understanding of others a gift as well as a positive core value?  How about creativity or honesty?  Many of our gifts, our talents, are rooted in our belief system and reflected as positive core values.

Investing time to commit your purpose to writing will save you time down the road because you will make better decisions and receive much better results.

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Find Your Joy; Find Your Success in Doing

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Your joy is found not in finishing an activity, but doing it.” Greg Anderson. How often do we fail to find joy?  What would happen if our joy was directly connected to our doing something, whatever?  Would we be more motivated; have more enjoyment and ultimately experience more success?

All human being shared the same destination, that being death. Our journeys to that final end of the road are indeed different and unique as we are all different and unique individuals.

Far too long people have been lead to believe that knowledge is power and ultimately success. That is not true.

Only when we apply knowledge, do something, do we gain power. We now know what we know and know what we don’t know. We learn through our mistakes of doing and gain additional even more more knowledge and continued success. As John Maxwell wrote years ago “We fail forward.”

Our joy and consequently our success is directly connected to our purpose:

Why are we here right now in this moment of time?

After reading the On Purpose Person by Kevin McCarthy, I wrote my purpose statement and it hasn’t really changed much during the last 20 years.

I am a trailblazer.

For those who read this blog and some of my other writings, they will recognize how I challenge the status quo by blazing a trail that others have chosen not to take.  For example, many of my contemporaries believe salespeople create value.  I don’t and continue to write about how value is unique to each person or buyer.

Then there are my thoughts about public education, college debt and an ill equipped workforce.  Until we dismantle the current system and construct a new system based on what motivates people to learn we will still have a poorly educated and unmotivated workforce.

So what do you truly enjoy doing?

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Are You Suffering from Soul Starvation?

Yesterday I had two  telephone calls. The first one was with a past client who started sharing some of her recent challenges.  This client is a dynamic, forward thinking leader who is having some physical challenges due to anxiety.  I shared I had heard similar stories from other clients and asked her:  Is this issue one of soul starvation?



The second call was from a deal colleague and trusted friend.  She too appeared to be having some challenges and again I brought up the issue of “soul starvation.”

Possibly to understand this concept helps by reading these three books:

  1. The On Purpose Person by Kevin McCarthy
  2. Start with the Why by Simon Sinek
  3. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Neither of the first two books are religious in their content.  Rather both address the issue of purpose.  McCarthy’s book exposes the reader to the concept of “being on purpose.”  Sinek’s book drills down further and helps the reader to understand the very essence of purpose, that being the why. Frankl’s book provides more practicality about these concepts of purpose and why as he shared his experience in living through the Nazi concentration camps.

What makes human beings unique is we do have a soul, an essence of who we are that transcends simple words.  Some people to cure what ails them seeks psychotherapists while others go for run to clear their minds and some engage in yoga or other stress reliving behaviors.

Now some may disagree about this concept of soul and that is okay.  What I have discovered is those clients who have been brought up with some religion, some sense of spirituality require a re-connection with those experiences.  Until that re-connection happens, there is still imbalance in their lives.  Anxiety is present because for whatever the reason they have created internal, unrealistic judgments.

Human beings are also creatures of conditioned behavior.  Our brains are control centers with a designed purpose to function using the least amount of energy.  That stored energy is for those fight or flight moments still embedded into our DNA.

Whose to say our souls are not also conditioned?  When we as young children experience a spiritual or religious practice, we began feeding ourselves with that nourishment.  As we grow, many of us have a tendency to leave the “church,” “temple” or “synagogue.” Then later in life many of us return to those spiritual roots seeking nourishment.  Of course we probably don’t think our soul has been starving, yet my sense is that is exactly what has happened.

When there is a lack of balance in all aspects of our lives, we may seek the quick fix which does more harm than good.  The quick fix is a temporary solution and leaves our soul more depleted than when the solution was first implemented.

Now some may feel this talk of soul is the last a blog about leadership, small business and sales should be addressing.  Yet after listening to my client and colleague, I am more convinced “soul starvation” is real and possibly reaching epidemic proportions.

* * * * *

Leanne Hoagland-Smith is THE People and Process Problem Solver. She supports forward thinking leaders in bridging the gaps between the two problems restricting strategic business growth – people and processes. Leanne can be reached at 219.508.2859 central time USA.  Follow her on Twitter or check out her profile on LinkedIn

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