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Click to Download This List, Cheap, Bad Marketing

If good marketing is to attract attention and to begin to build positive relationships, then bad marketing is just the opposite.  One very common bad marketing strategy is to build a list such as Top Salespeople and then have others click on the list to download.



Several of my colleagues were recently recognized as being in the top 100 sales people (I did not make that list). Those who downloaded the list were immediately called or received a generic email.

Jeb Blount, founder of Sales Gravy, identified this as a lead generation campaign to get these top salespeople to share this so called recognition and status award with others so this lead generation tactic would capture more sales leads.

“Pure click bait!” Jeb Blount

Many SMB owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs invest tremendous time in content marketing and building their own lists.  These lists should be guarded and not randomly shared with lazy SMBs that fail to understand the essence of marketing and look instead to the quick fix solution.

And for heavens if you are going to email someone who downloaded your click bait list then at least use that person’s first name.  To send out generic emails only reaffirms you are 100% into bad marketing.

These individuals who did click to download and left their email addresses will be continually bombarded with additional sales pitches even though they may not be the ideal customer. Each day I receive easily an hundred emails to which I never subscribed.

The use of permission based marketing through double opt in feature is rare these days. Those who are marketing appear to believe as long as I have your email address I can email you my sales pitches.

If you want to increase sales, then engage in good marketing.  This may mean you may actually have to pick up the phone and talk to someone directly.

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Are You Drowning in the Sea of Sales Excuses?

If you have read either Jeb Blount’s or Mark Hunter’s books on sales prospecting, you will read about a lot of sales excuses.  Dan Pink in his book To Sell is Human revealed that of the 7,000 American adult workers surveyed 40% of their time is engaged in non-selling activities. His conclusion is that in every hour, we are spending 24 minutes moving others.

sales-excusesThe question then is how effective are you in sales in moving others or are using this time as an excuse not to sell, not to prospect, not to increase sales?

Remember, the White Rabbit from Alice in the Looking Glass who was running about exclaiming I’m late; I’m late! In speaking with clients and colleagues, a lot of salespeople are late. They make promises to deliver proposals, make meetings and then never show up.

The marketplace has changed and continues to evolve given the expansion of technology and social media. People are changing the sequence of how they make those buying decisions.

Traditional marketing no longer holds true if we believe DemandGen’s research that 65% of the buyers believe that the vendor’s marketing content had an impact on their buying decision. Furthermore 82% of the buyers reviewed 5 to 8 pieces of content from the winning vendor (Forrester).

Sales excuses are no longer an option.  Either you do what you need to do, make calls, engage in research, write content,  hire someone to write your content marketing or continue to be pocket poor.

Here are some more sales excuses:

  • No time for LinkedIn yet the top sales people invest 6 hours per week (The Sales Management Association)
  • No time for social media as a lead generation source yet 5% of B2B sales team consider it essential (Ken Krogue)
  • No time to call a second time since 44% of salespeople give up after one call (Scripted)
  • Too busy to make a third call to a sales lead since average sales person makes only 2 attempts to call (Sirus Decisions)
  • No time for follow-up even though 80% of the sales require 5 follow-up phone calls after the meeting (The Marketing Donut)

There are plenty of sales excuses to go around.  Maybe now is the time to stop with your sale excuses and heed the words of Yoda  – Do or do not, there is no try (excuse).

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Realtors – Ignoring LinkedIn Is a Competitive Disadvantage

As we are in the process of relocating, our home is up for sale. I must admit I have learned a lot about realtors and especially how many ignore LinkedIn as a marketing and selling opportunity. I do believe ignoring this social media channel places these realtors at a competitive disadvantage, let me explain.

LinkedInYesterday, we had another “showing.” The realtor left her card and I immediately checked her profile out on LinkedIn. As in about 50% of the realtors who have shown our home or those I have come to know, she was not on this social media, lead generation and professional validation website.

Even though LinkedIn is for B2B professionals, it is also a good platform for B2C.  B2B professionals who actively use this site will automatically check other professionals they meet or are exposed to as in my case with this realtor.

To effectively use this social media channel does require having both marketing and selling plans. Given many SMBs including realtors who are independent sales professionals do not engage in planning, this may be an obstacle.

Additionally, understanding what makes a compelling profile is equally important.  One local realtor I know leverages his profile and does not commit the sin of “regurgitating” his resume.  Another local realtor has no summary and uses this marketing channel as a resume with an emphasis on keywords. She lacks a summary and her overall profile shouts “Me, Me, Me.”

With so many realtors being incompetent according to their own National Association of Realtors’ Danger Report, having a strong LinkedIn Profile would help to counteract that data. A strong and emotionally compelling profile, just might help struggling agents or even successful ones be even more successful.

If you are a realtor, then I would encourage you to run not walk to updating your profile. Invest some money and hire someone to help you so that you stand out to be the Red jacket in the sea of gray suits instead of just another gray suit.



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