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Another Reason Why Most Sales Training Coaching Programs Fail


If sales is the transference of emotions and many emotions are transferred through sight, sound and sense, then how many sales training coaching programs focuses on the senses of human beings?  Very rarely do I read more than one learning objective about active listening, observation and the intuitive sense.

Active listening is crucial to for several reasons:

  1. Builds the relationship
  2. Determines if this person meets your ideal customer profile
  3. Learns the wants and needs

When I wrote Be the Red Jacket, I recognized the importance of CLEAR active listening through these tips:

  • Clarity
  • Legitimize
  • Emotion
  • Agreement
  • Retention

Mark Twain among others said “if the good Lord wanted us to talk more than to listen, he would have given us two mouths and only one ear.”

These wise words also apply to our eyes as well. Far too many sales training coaching programs ignore the power of observation and how just through observing the behavior of your potential ideal customer (aka prospect) you can create a significant competitive advantage. Sales Training Coaching Tip:  Knowledge of the DISC tool supports the power of observation.

Intuition like emotional intelligence strengthens through our experiences.  One of my coaches said “given enough information your intuitive sense will be validated.” How many times do we encounter a prospect or even an ideal potential customer and our “gut brain” tells us to walk away?  Depending upon our current sales goals, we may ignore our intuitive sense because of the need to increase sales. The now customer is a royal “Pain the in Arse” (PITA) and as a salesperson we are living in the land of regret and misery.

Technical sales skills are essential.  Yet is most poor sales performance because of a lack of knowledge and skills (logic) or because of a lack of attitudes and habits (emotion)?

Those sales training coaching programs that really stick integrate both the logic with the emotions and recognize that sales is truly a buying process because unless someone wants to buy something, you as the salesperson cannot sell them anything.

P.S. If you want to Be the Red jacket, stand out in the crowded marketplace, achieve a competitive advantage, then consider this FREE webinar on Thursday, February 7, from 12-12:30pm, Your Values Are Your Small Business Differentiators. One recent attendee, Martin N. said of January webinar in the series 60 Minutes of Good Content into 30 Minutes of Great Content the following:

“In the age of self-promotion, I found it refreshing your webinar contained no pressure to sell your own services or product. I personally would have no objection to a small bio, maybe at the outset, to help position you as the facilitator. Whilst I had no pre-conceptions on the content, I came away from the webinar satisfied it had been productive.”


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How Intuition Decision Making Can Increase Sales

To increase sales is a combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits. By having a clear sales process along with a solid research based marketing plan truly supports you as a professional salesperson in your daily activities. A recent report released by McKinsey looks at the 4 tests to determine the relationship between intuition (what your gut tells you) and cognitive, intellectual, fact based decision making.

Years ago one of my mentors and colleagues, Ray Overdorff shared this with me. “Given enough information, your intuitive sense is usually validated.”

The report from McKinsey provides 4 tests or criteria to help you validate your own intuition.  In today’s market, ignoring your gut can be very expensive especially when time is at a minimum. Within the report was one great quote “As a highly cerebral academic colleague recently commented, ‘I can’t see a logical flaw in what you are saying, but it gives me a queasy feeling in my stomach.’ “

That queasy feeling has been experienced by many top sales performers. From their experiences and with new knowledge, they leverage their intuitive sense within their overall decision making process to their advantage and this results in their ability to increase sales. In other words, they focus on those potential qualified customers (a.k.a. prospects) where they can earn the sale (close the sale).

An investment of time using these four tests should save you lots of time avoiding the no sales path and help you to be the Red Jacket. And using these questions may help to keep you from those few times when your intuitive sense just might be in error.

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