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Got Business Leadership?

Recently I came across a quote by  noted speaker, Norman Drummond who said:

“Over 70% of the people leave their jobs because of the way they were led.”


Business leadership or rather the absence of business leadership continues to reign even in the best of companies. Probably over 90% of all business problems from under performing employees to inefficient operations are the result of poor to absent leadership.

Then I heard another colleague who shared his recent conversations with C Suite executives (not CEOs). The majority felt they could benefit from a coach, but were afraid that business leadership including their fellow C Suite executives would view such a solution as a sign of weakness.

The damning statistics continue to poor in to support how business leadership needs to dramatically improve as:

Just last night in speaking with a family member who works for very large global organization (sales of over $600 million) shared his frustration.  As I listened to him, I realized the problem was business leadership specific to his direct report.

When a high performer is noticed by the VP of worldwide performance and the supervisor for this person cannot handle a personnel issue because the supervisor’s goal is to showcase her or his individual  performance at the expense of the team this is all about poor business leadership. Additionally, there were also some misalignment between strategy, structure, processes, rewards and people. Business Coaching Tip:  The Galbraith 5 Star Model is great for finding operational and personnel performance gaps.

Business leadership in 2014 and the years to come will continue to be the driver for both high performing organizations and under performing ones.  The question is simply:

Do you want sustainable business growth? 

If so possibly the first step is to actively work on your business leadership to ensure it is driving alignment and closing the gaps between strategy, structure, processes, rewards and people. (Galbraith 5 Star Model)

If you want a quick read on business leadership, consider this book, Fail-Safe Leadership.


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Facing the Fear of Firing New Hires

Why do small business owners, sales managers to C Suite executives have such a fear of firing new hires? In many cases, it comes down to this one word – Ego.


To admit to one’s ego he or she made a mistake is tantamount to laying down in front of a fast moving train or standing on the corner holding a sign “Look at me, I am stupid!”

I was reminded of this yesterday in speaking with a colleague about why there is such poor performance still happening within organizations.  We both agreed many of these challenges are because what appears to be the right people are truly the wrong people.

Sure these new hire folks aced the performance appraisal assessments and knocked the personal interview out of the ball park, yet within several days after being hired actually performing on the job, a whole new picture takes place.

Years ago the corporate firm I worked with decided to hire an in house accountant to reduce the accounting bills and to expedite internal communication. This person would also remove some of my responsibilities as Inside Sales and Purchasing Manger of checking purchase orders with invoices.

Unfortunately even though she was interviewed by the Office Manager who was also the bookkeeper, the owner along with the accountant, this was one of the worst hiring disasters this firm ever undertook and most costly.  My boss did not want to fire the new hire because of the fear of insulting the accountant as well as his own ego. Who wants to admit to making a mistake especially after all costly safeguards were in place? Leadership Coaching Tip:  Performance appraisal assessments are good tools, but are not infallible.

When this fear of firing new hires takes over, it affects the entire culture of the organization.  All the other employees know the new hire is as dumb as a box of rocks and is clueless about the business especially when the attitude of “It’s not my job” or “That’s now why I was hired” surfaces.  However any comments to management are met with looks of disbelief and “just shut up because you don’t know what you are talking about.”  Additionally, in many instances, the work the new hire was to perform returns to the original person. How’s that for efficiency and effectiveness?

Maybe it is better to remember the adage of one rotten apple spoils the barrel. For new hires who are truly not the right people for the right positions using the right talents for the right decisions to secure the right results in the right time frames and within the right environments are the quickest way to turn a high performing organizations to a culture of distrust and eventual disaster.

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