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The 12 Days of Increase Sales Leadership Questions – Day 10

Today’s questions follows the one result you desire to increase sales leadership. (Read yesterday’s posting for further clarification).

What planning action or actions must you take to make that desire a reality in 2018?

President and General Eisenhower said “Plans are worthless; planning is everything.” In this hurry up, must have, quick fix sales culture, planning is often “short cutted” or worse yet ignored. Both actions further contribute to the inability to increase sales leadership.

Planning is all about employing critical thinking skills to overcoming the known and unknown or what if scenarios that may prevent successful execution of the actual written plan.

Yes efficient (doing things right) and effective (doing the right things) planning takes time.  Yet how much time is wasted in redoing what didn’t work? What different increase sales leadership results could have been achieved with some better planning?

Business research continues to reveal many executions fail. My sense is a large majority of those failed sales executions are the result of poor planning, poor thinking.

Funny thing about human nature, people including salespeople look for something, a sales technology tool, a quick sales tip to increase sales leadership results. Yet, the simplistic and least expensive tip is just to sit down and THINK!


The planning and thinking process begins with assessing what is currently happening, what has happened in the past and what may happen in the future.  Then time is invested in clarifying or confirming the research.  Finally executing the outcome of assessing and clarifying takes place with the understanding some of the planning may have to be revised because the marketplace is constantly changing.

Planning is not rocket science.  Anyone with critical thinking sales can engage in this increase sales leadership behavior.

If you truly desire 2018 to be better than any previous year, then invest the time to plan and think your actions, be proactive instead of reactive. Amazing results are indeed possible.

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