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Emotions Are Daily Fireworks of Inspiration

For years, scientists believe there existed only six or seven basic emotions.  Then new research suggested those basic emotions are only 4 and the others are learned or developed from cultural interactions.  However if we look to intrapersonal conflicts some suggest these 4 or 7 basic emotions create 276 distinct emotional responses. No wonder Spock viewed human beings being far too emotional.

emotionsOur feelings in many instances are what inspire us to do what we do or stop doing what we are doing on a daily basis.  Then there is the whole realm of intuition which connects our feelings to our “gut brain.”

Emotional intelligence through ongoing research is a key indicator of leadership.  Individuals who can read and understand the emotions of others as while as themselves then simultaneously manage both are considered to have better than average leadership skills.

How many times have we heard a young child or even an adult say “I don’t want to?”  What this human being is really saying “My feelings don’t want to.” We can see, hear and even sense these feelings through the body language what goes with the “don’t want to.”

Yes we as human beings are very complex beyond our DNA. Our emotional makeup is very much like the fireworks from the little sparklers to the big, colorful and very noisy ones in the night sky.  We react so often first from an emotional perspective and then our logic kicks in.

To improve ourselves, to inspire ourselves, emotions are central and critical.  When we learn to recognize and then tame them  (I am not sure if we can truly even master our emotions), we can continue to move forward. The big changes in the progress of man have all been inspired by an emotional spark.

The question is do we want small fireworks or big ones?


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