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Courage Means Standing Alone

After reading another attempt to revive the educational system here in Northwest Indiana, I realized that courage truly means standing alone especially when everyone else is tip toeing around an issue be it education or business. The reason current education solutions are not sustainable is all are built around agrarian school systems (think farming and summers off).

No one looks good in a bad system despite pouring billions of dollars into the system. Yet no local leader from the newspapers, government officials to the educators want to tackle this problem. They continue to support bad systems and now are part of the problem.

We have a 21st century global economy driven by technology and yet we educate like we are still a farming economy. This is like having a one horse pony cart covered by a fiberglass corvette body.  The end result is one horsepower not eight.

Now some believe courage is sticking your big toe in the puddle with all the other big toes and the puddle holds a limited number of big toes.  That is not courage. That is usually consensus or compromise. Look at Congress to see the all the big toes squirming and splashing in the puddle shouting how courageous they are.

Courage is putting your big toe in the puddle that everyone else is walking a mile to avoid while pointing their fingers at you and  even laughing at you. Possibly they invited you to their shared puddle, but your convictions (think business ethics or personal ethics) would not accept that invitation.

Courage is consistently making the same reasonable statements without fan fare or accolades because you aren’t afraid to call the emperor naked.

Courage is being the respectful contrarian.

Courage is asking those hard questions first of yourself and then of others.

Courage is continuing to work your plan; plan your work even when your results are not where you want them to be and life continues to throw you obstacles after obstacles.

Courage is understanding and working through life is not fair.

Courage is being 100% accountable for your own results and not expecting others to share their wealth from productivity to rewards with you.

Courage is speaking forthrightly even though it may cost you business and relationships.

Courage is being a forward thinking leader without any acknowledgement or support.

Courage is being one of the few and not one of the many.

Courage is thinking of others first without any thoughts to what this or that person can do for you.

Courage is being comfortable with yourself even when others avoid you.

Courage is standing alone; against all odds; because you know it is the right thing.

So the question is do you really have courage because you are willing to stand alone, against all odds or the other big toes?

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