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What Happened to Permission Based Marketing?

Each day in my email inbox, I receive many unsolicited emails from SMBs and organizations that do not interest me. These entities obviously ignore permission based marketing and rely on buying lists from other unethical firms.

When I first started developing my email lists over 10 years ago, I signed up with AWeber.  At that time AWeber recommended the double opt in option so that people would know they had signed up for being on one of my email lists. This option avoided people identifying you as a spammer and reporting your questionable marketing activities.

Even SMB owners and salespeople also appear to engage in adding names without permission. Have you ever attended a B2B networking event and exchanged business cards with another individual?  Then within a few days, did you suddenly receive via email a newsletter or a sales pitch?  I know I have and personally resented such an action.

For me by sending validated permission to add someone to an email list reflects my business ethics, my positive core values.  I am respecting them by respecting their time.

They do not have to unsubscribe from a list they never subscribed. If by chance someone else used another’s email address, the double opt in option ensures that only the physical holder of the email address is actually signing up.

Failure to use permission based marketing suggests these firms are engaged in spraying and praying.  Spray enough emails over cyberspace and pray someone will buy what you are selling.  For me that is not a viable business strategy or marketing strategy.

Now some firms will ask why you unsubscribed?  I wonder what these firms do with the response “I never subscribed to this list?” My sense it is a feel good action for the person unsubscribing and possibly may meet some marketing association or government policies.

Possibly with the expansion of social media, permission based marketing is viewed as archaic.  For me, I will still employ the double opt in and maintain my business ethics because ethics are never archaic.

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The Marketing Mantra of Just Because

I don’t know about you, but my email In Box is littered with newsletters to self promotion messages.  99.9% of these people I do not know nor have I subscribed to their lists. They appear to live with the marketing mantra of “just because.”



These rationalization justifies:

  • Publicity representatives sending me information on their clients just because they read one of my posts
  • Adding me to their email or newsletter lists just because they bought or found my email somewhere
  • Sending me self promotion messages just because they thought they could

Truly I am so tired of this type of marketing mantra, I could scream. When will these small business owners and publicity firms understand the two fold purpose of marketing:

  1. Attract attention
  2. Begin to build a relationship

When people email me including second and third degree connections from LinkedIn without permission, they immediately establish distrust.  I would not buy a smelly old dog turd from these folks less alone give them the opportunity for being a guest author on my blog or consider their current offerings.,

Speaking of LinkedIn, the “just because” mantra respective to invitations is also very present. For example, here are some of the reasons I have learned for connecting:

  • Your name is recommended through LinkedIn
  • You are a second degree connection to someone who is one of their first degree connections
  • Your business card was secured at a B2B networking event
  • The person sending the invite is expanding his or her network, you do not know them from Adam or Eve

The “just because” marketing mantra is an outgrowth of not having a strategic plan from which a solid marketing plan is crafted. So what happens is small business owners to PR consultants take on the role of Captain Wing It by spraying their actions all over the place and praying something will stick.

So the next time you decide to send out a blanket email, check to make sure the names on your list have agreed to a double opt in policy. Then make sure those individuals are truly interested in your solutions or have some expressed want or need. Additional research should also reveal may be your intended victims, I mean recipients, do not already have knowledge greater than what you are sharing. This is not the time to insult prospective clients or customers just for the sake of “just because” marketing mantra.

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Leanne Hoagland-Smith is THE People and Process Problem Solver. She supports forward thinking leaders in bridging the gaps between the two problems restricting strategic business growth – people and processes. Leanne can be reached at 219.508.2859 central time USA.  Follow her on Twitter or check out her profile on LinkedIn.

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Email Marketing Works Provided You…

Once again another email entered my In Box from someone I did not know who had subscribed me to her email marketing list without permission. Worse yet this was someone who claimed to be a social media marketing expert.

email-marketingHow often does this message require repeating?

Email marketing works with permission based marketing!

Great salespeople know to ask permission before asking a question. This behavior is ingrained in them.

Great marketers also know to ask permission through a double opt in list.

Bad to poor small business owners who are both salespeople and marketers just add names of suspects, prospects, anyone and his or her brother to their lists without ever asking permission. These folks believe a business card or a name from a bought list gives them permission to invade the email In Boxes of unsuspecting suspects to prospects.

Another equally deplorable email marketing behavior has been spawned through LinkedIn. What I am now observing is these many professionals (I used that term loosely) using LinkedIn contacts to spew their sales pitches.

The next several years will further unite marketing with selling because 97.7% of all businesses here in the US are under 20 employees. These small businesses cannot afford a separate marketing department.  With over 75% of all US businesses being sole proprietors, this ignoring of permission based email marketing will probably only get worse instead of better.

Now some will probably disagree with me that a double opt in email marketing process is not necessary.  Yet if you as a sales professional have high business ethics and find yourself sorting through a lot of unrequested emails then why would you engage in any email marketing that is not permission based?

If people buy from people they know and trust (First Sales Buying Rule), then the last action you as a salesperson want to take is to violate that trust. Not having permission based marketing ingrained within all marketing efforts is a violation of that trust. Note:  Paid advertising is different that permission based marketing.

Yes email marketing works provided you engage in permission based marketing.  Failure to do so may have some intended customers quite upset and beyond reporting you to the SPAM officials may be sharing privately with your other prospects about your lack of marketing knowledge to business ethics.

If you are seeking some calm to your social media craziness, the consider this one page social media action plan.

Leanne Hoagland-Smith, M.S.,  is an executive coach who takes an heuristic approach to personal and professional growth. Her task is to support you in bridging the gap between today’s results and tomorrow’s goals. She can be reached at 219.508.2859 central time.  Follow her on Twitter or check out her profile on LinkedIn.

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