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Sales Leadership Temperament of Compulsive Part 25

If you want to hire a top sales performer, then probably from my experience this internal temperament of “compulsive” is your best bet.  All of the six figure salespeople I have coached, without exception, have this same internal temperament.  These individuals all share these biases:


What these biases tell us is these individuals are “driven to achieve.” In sales or in any other role, if you are not “driven to achieve” then you will be left behind. (Source: Innermetrix Attribute Index)

The negative self-esteem or people bias reflects an undervaluation of the individual’s “own unique self-worth.”   This negative feeling bias (people) when combined with the positive practical thinking (doing) and positive self direction (thinking) allows those in sales leadership roles to redirect their efforts to “achieving and getting things done correctly” and in accordance with their own expectations as well as the expectations of others. (Source: Innermetrix Attribute Index)

Salespeople with this compulsive internal bias are good doers and thinkers.  Additionally the negative self-esteem bias does not restrict these individuals from being very “comfortable in social situations.”  They will still display self confidence even though they may undervalue their own unique self-worth. (Source: Innermetrix Attribute Index)

In today’s very busy sales environment, those in sales leadership roles must be also very well organized. This internal temperament of “compulsive”  suggests these individuals are for the most part well organized.

By having clarity around our decision making styles and the biases (our temperaments) associated with those decision making styles along with the 78 key attributes, is probably the best first step to take when looking to improve the results of your sales team or your own.  Not knowing this information is very much like shooting an arrow blind folded. The question to be answered is:

How many opportunities are you missing?

If you want to know if you have this sales leadership bias of compulsive, then take this quick 10-12 minute talent assessment. You will definitely be surprised by the amount of information and more importantly by the accuracy.

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Sales Leadership Temperament of Scientific Part 8

When you think of the word, scientific, do you ever associate it with those in sales? Possibly your mind may wander to the someone like Einstein or even a mad scientist like Dr. Frankenstein?



The sales leadership temperament of scientific is a common one according to Innermetrix. This temperament indicates “the quality of valuation usually found in scientists and investigators of all sorts.”

Did you notice the word investigators?

Are not top sales performers true investigators attempting to get to the heart of the problem (pain) while finding the heart of happiness (emotional satisfaction)?

This sales leadership temperament of scientific is based upon the external decision making biases of:

What this means is with a negative empathy or people bias, there exists a “lower emotional involvement” because the focus is on getting things done without over emphasis on getting things done. Having a neutral bias respective to practical thinking, suggests there exists the “right amount of attention to getting results without becoming obsessed by them.” The positive systems judgement (critical thinking) reveals a  “preference for formal guidance from set standards, authority or existing structure of some kind (e.g., rules, procedures, systems, laws, etc).”  What this means is a tendency “for conformity to systems and order.”   (Source: Innermetrix)

One of the drawbacks to this type of sales leadership temperament is people may become “part of the plan” and may be viewed as elements within the system so the feelings of other people take a back seat or are even in the trunk to the salesperson’s own “agenda, needs and desires.” (Source: Innermetrix)

By understanding our biases both as they relate to our external and internal decision making styles provide us as salespeople and leaders the necessary clarity so that we can leverage our own self leadership awareness in our ongoing efforts to achieve our SMART goals and our results.

To learn your biases (there are 40), your external and internal decision making styles along with 78 key sales leadership talents, this talent assessment will provide those answers in under 15 minutes.  You will be greatly surprised by the wealth of information within this assessment.


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Sales Leadership – Idealists or Ideologues?

In business we have all crossed the paths of the idealist as well as the ideologue.  One sometimes appears to bend and sway with every new idea and reminds us of Don Quixote chasing the windmills while the other is a firm and unmoving as the Rock of Gibraltar.

Credit www,

Human beings are usually a blend of these two roles and this goes for those in sales leadership roles. Managers want to encourage fresh ideas while still maintaining order. A delicate balancing act is appears to be present more often than not.

Idealists sometimes are very much concerned about people.  They have high empathy and their decisions are based upon emotions or feelings. Ideologues may also be concerned about people, but they may also be more involved in thinking as they work through their decision making styles.

To understand how people make decisions helps those in sales leadership roles. Additionally, understanding their own talent capacity as well as their team members may just provide enough of a competitive edge necessary to increase sales and meet other business goals. By assessing the decision making styles of your sales leadership team is probably the first place to start so your business has a good balance between idealists and ideologues.

P.S. To learn more about how people make decisions as well as to other capacities within any organizational or sales team, today’s webinar at 3pm cst may be of interest to you. Scroll down to “Sales Leadership – Got Talent” and register.

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