Let’s Strive for Work-Life Alignment First

Let’s stir the self-improvement pot and finally admit work-life balance never really existed. This life concept is more of an ideal way to live than reality.  Now this may upset some who continue to sell and make money off this never really existed life concept.

work-life-alignmentWhat does exist and what is real is work-life alignment.

Imagine for a moment two wheels connected. One of those wheels is your personal life and the other one is your professional life.  When both wheels are not in alignment, there is a tendency for them to go off track even when you are doing the steering towards where you want your personal and professional lives to be.

Misalignment demands additional energy to steer the course so to speak. When the wheels of the car are misaligned, this creates additional wear on one or two tires. In the case of work-life alignment, misalignment can also wear individuals down emotionally, financially and physically.

Work-life alignment begins with your purpose.  Your purpose connects your two wheels like the axle in a vehicle. The tie rods that help with steering and alignment keep the wheels on your Vision road.

Noted psychologists Deci and Ryan realized the importance of purpose within their Theory of Self-Determination. Purpose is one of the three essential inherent motivational drivers found within each human being according to their research.

Values (non-negotiable behaviors) support alignment. Using the car and wheel analogy, values are the tie roads that help with navigation and keeping alignment.  When a tie rod breaks, the car can no longer be steered.  When we break out values, our life also cannot be steered.

Finally, your vision of where you want to go is your road.  This road leads ultimately to what you want out of your personal and professional lives.  When your work-life wheels are in alignment traveling that road can be much easier.

If you want to improve your life, first determine where there is any misalignment between your work-life wheels. Then take action to correct that misalignment.

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Leanne Hoagland-Smith is THE People and Process Problem Solver. She supports forward thinking leaders in bridging the gaps between the two problems restricting strategic business growth – people and processes. Leanne can be reached at 219.508.2859 central time USA.  Follow her on Twitter or check out her profile on LinkedIn.

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