Regrets Reflect You Are Not Where You Want to Be

Did you ever think how you respond to a simple statement reflects your most inward and personal regrets? Yesterday when leaving a national drug store chain, I told the clerk to “Make it a great day.” Her response was “I will at 4:15.”

As this encounter was early in the day, I quickly surmised she had been at work for around an hour and she was already regretting she was not where she wanted to be.  How sad. What a waste of human potential.

I believe this woman saw only limitations and no opportunities in her current role.  Working was not something to enjoy, to embrace, but a daily drudgery.

Sure. we all have bad days where we question why are we doing what we are doing.  Yet when we allow regrets to creep into our personal attitudes they then become reflection of our personalities.

Staying positive is not easy.  Staying full of energy when the day to day activities appear to grind you down is not easy.  Yet, living with regrets takes a vast toil on your own soul and is like a lingering infection that never truly goes away.

My sense is this individual had never taken the time to explore her purpose, to think about where she truly wanted to be and then put together a plan of action to get there.  She like so many others has not recognized the incredible potential in taking charge of her life.

Even the most successful people may experience regrets. The difference is they don’t allow those regrets to become an attitude, a habit of thought as Zig Ziglar defined them.  No, they shake them off, like a dog shakes off water after swimming.

Successful people know where they are going. They have a goal driven action plan in how to get there. And when obstacles or limitations are placed in front of them, they work to remove or go around those impediments to where they want to be.

P.S. Another sign of personal regrets are these words:  Would of, Could of, Should of

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