Confusing Sales Tools with Sales Answers Are You?

Each day I receive announcements about new sales tools from CRMs, sales training software, books on sales, etc. Most suggest by purchasing these tools, they will be the answer to your sales problems.  Unfortunately, the purchasing of some of these so called answers only further intensify your sales problems.

sales-toolsPossibly what is driving these purchases is the “quick fix virus.” This virus appears to gain momentum especially towards the end of a calendar or annual business year.

SMB owners and sales professionals suffering from working too much IN the business instead of ON the business now are scrambling to meet sales goals as well as other organizational goals.

Many of us have seen the impact of the quick fix when it comes to losing weight. Take this pill or exercise just 5 minutes a day and you will lose weight. If the quick fix really worked, we wouldn’t have an obesity problem in this country.

The quick fix is also terrible disease for SMBs.  Usually it originates  from unclear executive leadership directives.

Fail-Safe-LeadershipIn the book, Fail-Safe Leadership, the authors recognize how a lack of clarity creates expensive misdirected actions. They provide a poignant vignette about a CEO who expresses a vague goal to increase sales.  His C-Level direct reports all take different actions to achieve this goal. As their actions were not in alignment, the goal to increase sales was not realized.

If you are seeking sales answers, the first action is to stop and determine where you, your organization and your salespeople really are.  Do not be confused by thinking these new sales tools will automatically be the answers to your lackluster sales results.

The second action is to forget about any quick fix solutions such as sales tools to solve your sales problems.

The third action is to reach out to someone who is not in your organization.

Click here to schedule that 30 minute outreach session right now.

You probably do require a fresh set of eyes who will be direct with you and tell you what the real problem is provided you are willing to hear the truth.

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