The 3 Buying Rules to Increase Sales

Rules help us to consistently enhance our performance.  Follow this formula such as length times width (lxw=area) to get the area of a rectangle.  A complete sentence has a subject, a verb and an object.  Stop at the sign with the words STOP. Each day we are confronted by rules.

In selling your products and services there are also rules specific to how your prospects or potential customers buy.  Some of these buying rules will be different because the demographics and psychographics of your target market is different. However, I believe these 3 buying rules are present if the goal is to increase sales.

Rule #1 – People buy from people they know and trust.  Sales Training Coaching Tip:  Jeb Blount in his newest book People Buy You makes an outstanding case why this is Rule #1.

Rule #2 – People buy first on emotion and then justify their decision with logic. Since all information is processed first in the primitive brain which is the source of emotions, then this statement is also very true. After the primitive brain takes in the information, then it is delivered to the neo-cortex for further processing. Sales Training Coaching Tip:  With people being crazy busy, possibly by understanding what they want may help you increase sales. Another good reference book is Jill Konrath’s SNAP Selling.

Last night a close friend of my husband and myself explained his buying decision (think purchasing process) for his new 2010 Jaguar 2 door coupe.  He had always wanted one. (Want = Emotion) I must admit it is a beautiful looking vehicle and quite unique in its exterior style.

With a new position, new salary and a car at the end of its 3 year lease, he was starting to look at cars. Once a week he drove buy a dealership and finally the emotional pull was too much and he stopped in.  Several of the cars due to “sun roofs” did not allow him to sit up. His emotions were dashed along side the side of the road.

The he was told about a 2010, 2 door coupe, which was much higher in price, but did have the 100,000 miles 6 year warranty. Even though intellectually he knew his wife might have a problem with the purchase of this expensive of a car, he let the salesman show him the car. After sitting in, he was emotionally sold.

Then a couple days later he took the car for a drive. Within a week, he purchased this vehicle.  The intellectual justification was based upon the 100,000 miles warranty.  However, the desire had always been present to own this specific type of car.

Rule #3 – People buy when the salesperson executes the sales process flawlessly.

Sales is truly a pull buying process  especially if you wish to increase sales. Unfortunately far too though many salespersons engaged in a pushing  selling process by focusing on their products or services.  Sales Training Coaching Tip:  Reread the first rule.

Just consider these 3 buying rules as you work that next prospect or potential customers through the sales process.  And please feel free to share you results or your thoughts.

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