Sales Leadership – The Talent of Self Esteem

Maybe no other sales leadership talent is more misunderstood and more needed than self esteem. In a competitive marketplace, having sustainable self esteem is essential. For without being able to accept ourselves for who we are, we cannot realize and appreciate our own unique self worth as good individuals first and great salespeople second.


Self esteem is 100% based on feelings generated from “internal factors, as opposed to external ones.”  These internal feelings of value allow them “to appreciate themselves based not on what they do, what role they occupy or what success they attain, but rather how they judge themselves based on who they know themselves to be inside.” (Source Innermetrix)

Just imagine how often those in sales may “beat themselves up” for failing to do this or that. These outside forces continually whittle away at even those with the best self esteem.

When we as small business owners, salespersons or business professionals demonstrate good self esteem, we have the capacity to view ourselves as unique entities apart from our current roles or ambitions. Additionally, we based our value on our “own internal standards.   This internal “happiness” with one’s self plays a crucial role in job performance and satisfaction.” (Source Innermetrix)

Unfortunately, when past or current experiences have us doubting our own unique self worth, poor self esteem may be created and may become a “major deterrent” to our internal growth. Our behaviors maybe viewed by others as:

  • Domineering
  • Unable to handle risk
  • A “perfectionistic” attitude
  • Overly sensitive to criticism

With low or poor self esteem, there is a tendency to gravitate to basing one’s self worth on what others or the culture has defined as success such as physical appearance, financial success, etc.

Marketing and selling with the sales process requires good self esteem because the opposite is not well received by potential customers, existing customers not to mention centers of influence.  Many other sales leadership talents or sales skills are directly dependent or connected to self esteem including:

Self esteem cannot be artificially created as some believe fake it to you make it.  This faking causes incredible internal stress that becomes directed outwards while consuming all the internal emotional, mental and physical energies of the individual.

Understanding and knowing one’s own self esteem along with other internal dimensional balances of role awareness and self direction may just help small business owners and sales professionals reach that next level of success including the never ending goal to increase sales.

P.S. To improve one’s self esteem begins by not fearing these 3 dirty words in business and being true to oneself.

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