Sales Leadership Talent of Self Assessment

René Descartes wrote on two occasions wrote “I think therefore I am.”  This is a simple self-assessment. As a sales leadership talent, probably more clarification is needed.

sales-leadership-talentFor those in sales or selling roles and that means everyone, self assessment according to Innermetrix, not Descartes, is:

“The ability to practically and objectively identify one’s personal management strengths and weaknesses.  The ability of a person to take the skills and techniques that they have gained in evaluating external situations and applying them to evaluating their own performance and abilities.”

In other words, do you see yourself clearly, without any illusions.

For those who consistently demonstrate this sales leadership talent of self assessment, they are “capable of accurately evaluating their own strengths and weaknesses.” (Source: Innermetrix)

When this sales leadership talent is lacking in an individual, what happens is an internal misjudgement of “his or her own capabilities.” This misjudgement may create an under or over evaluation of the individual’s abilities. The end result may be the inability to consistently set and achieve one’s own personal goals as well as expectations. (Source: Innermetrix)

Sometimes being brutally honest with ourselves hurts and may actually be scary. It is  much easier and less frightening to take the effortless road of “I am who I am.”

If you find yourself misjudging your own strengths or weaknesses, possibly an investment in some external assessment may bring back to you the clarity you need to more accurately determine your own capabilities. Additionally, an outside perspectives from colleagues, friends, mentors or even a business coach may further support you in your endeavor to find that needed clarity.

The Attribute Index is an outstanding tool to provide the clarity for this sales leadership talent of self-assessment along with 77 other talents many of which are necessary sales skills.

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