Sales Leadership – The Talent of Role Awareness

So many times those in sales leadership roles believe their marketing and sales teams truly understand this talent of role awareness?  After all, this rationalization sounds reasonable given the person is in sales and should know his or her role and those expectations within that role.

Yet there is a fine line between knowing and being aware. In some cases, sales management has not clearly defined the role and the expectations placed within that job for the salespersons.

Maybe it just makes sense to secure a definition of role awareness. One of the better performance appraisal tools or psychometric instruments for defining and measuring this sales talent is the Attribute Index.   Within this tool, role awareness is defined as:

The ability of a person to be aware of his role in the world, or within a given environment.  This is the ability to understand the expectations placed on a position, and to clearly see how those expectations are to be met.

Sales people with a good score for this specific talent “will understand what it is that they are doing, what is expected of them, and how they are suppose to be doing it.  Having this understanding will allow them to utilize their other personal strengths and abilities to fulfill the role which they are in.”  Sales Training Coaching  Tip:  From my experience, the majority of  individuals including salespersons do not know their other strengths and instead focus on their weaknesses.

Conversely those who do not demonstrate this capacity suggest “a lack of understanding for the role someone occupies.  They are either unclear as to what it is they feel they should be doing, or they have not been informed adequately as to what the expectations are of their role or duties.”  Sales Training Coaching Tip:  Role awareness has as much to do with organizational alignment as it does as an individual talent or strength.

This talent is also a supporting trait with the capacity of emotional intelligence. Until sales people have crystal clear clarity regarding their own roles, they will be unable to manage their emotions within those roles, thus diminishing their emotional intelligence.  Sales Training Coaching Tip: Emotional intelligence is both about recognizing and managing the emotions of others and ourselves. Also this is one of the strongest indicators of self leadership.

Great sales people and employees are those who demonstrate this sales talent of role awareness.  If you are having problems with your sales team meeting expectations, then it just may make sense not only to provide them clarity as to their own role awareness, but may also be time to acknowledge some internal gaps specific to your organization and how those gaps are creating performance problems.

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