Sales Leadership Talent of Problem Solving Ability

Remember back in grade school when you received those math problems set in a short story? You had to find the relevant information and then make the mathematical computations to achieve the correct answer.  These word problems were probably your first formal steps to developing this sales leadership talent of problem solving ability.

sales-leadershipAn adult definition of problem solving ability through the Attribute Index published by Innermetrix suggests the following:

The ability to identify alternative solutions to a problem and to select the best option.  This basically means to be able to identify the system component that is causing the error, as well as the options available for resolving it and completing the task.

Those grade school to even high school math word problems had many relevant and not so relevant facts (components). You had to determine what was relevant to be able to solve the problem.

Think about those chemistry or physics courses you may have taken. Seeking the error to the failed experiment was usually part of the daily course routine.  Then when experiments went right, you had to know why it worked.  These three questions further developed your critical thinking skills:

  • What went wrong or right?
  • Why did it go wrong or right?
  • How can it be made right or even better?

For those in sales leadership roles, this capacity when demonstrated consistently suggests the individual “is able to pool together multiple capacities and talents to assess all aspects of a problem from beginning to end, from identification to resolution.” (Source: Innermetrix Attribute Index)

The practical demonstration of this sales leadership talent of problem solving ability is analyzing a lost sale and constructing a solution so that losing future sales does not become a repetitive problem.

Those in sales who lack this sales leadership talent are unable to “to isolate the process in which the error occurs, and to then identify the components of the process which need changing in order to correct the problem.” (Source: Innermetrix Attribute Index)

Salespeople are detectives in discovering what isn’t working and why or what could work better. This sales leadership talent of problem solving ability is extremely necessary because those who can identify the real problem being experienced by their ideal customers or sales leads usually have a greater opportunity to present a solution to correct that problem.

To get started now and learn if you have this talent, check out the Innermetrix Attribute Index talent assessment.

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