Sales Leadership Talent of Problem or Situation Analysis

Working through problems within the sales process  is all about proactive thinking through a variety of different sales leadership talents. Last week the focus was on problem management and today the discussion looks at problem or situation analysis.

sales-leadership-talentWithin the Attribute Index as published by Innermetrix, problem or situation analysis is a sales leadership talent that demonstrates the “The ability to identify the elements of a problem situation and to understand which components are critical.  The ability to identify critical activities in a process, to be able to break down the process into its component activities.  Based partially on a person’s ‘Integrative Ability.’ “

The key difference between problem or situation analysis and problem management is the order of doing. Analysis comes before management.

Those who have a good capacity with the sales leadership talent “will be able to clearly see the various dimensions of a cognitive structure.  This allows the person to see different types of situation structures and thereby see different types of solutions.” (Source: Innermetrix Attribute Index)

Salespeople who lack this sales leadership talent may have “an inability to see all sides of situation, and may miss the most obvious solution.  They may be bound by an over-all focus on structure, excessive focus on people, or other excessive focuses.”

This talent is critical for all top sales performers and especially those who consistently engage in complex sales or sales with long lead times. Failure to see the big  picture and not being able to see potential problems will doom the relationship before it even begins.

This talent along with the 77 other talents within the Innermetrix Attribute Index talent assessment  brings clarity to a salesperson’s actual strengths. Most people know what they do not do well with far greater clarity as to what they actually do well. Today being ignorant of one’s sales leadership talents may adversely impact sales results.

Next week, the sales leadership talent of problem solving ability will be discussed.

P.S. The Fishbone Diagram tool is great for simplifying problem and situation analysis.



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