Sales Leadership Talent of Integrative Ability

Soon it will be another New Year. Forward thinking sales leaders are leveraging this sales leadership talent of integrative ability more than the not so forward thinking sales professionals. For now is the time to evaluate:

sales leadership

  • The results from the past year
  • The known obstacles that kept the salesperson from earning more sales
  • The unanticipated problems that arose
  • The necessary components of the sales process and how it affected the end result to increase sales

Integrative ability is about evaluation as noted above as well as the ability to “identify the elements” of any problem. By being able to see with crystal clarity “the component dimensions of a situation gives a person the ability to see different types of situation structures, and thereby the ability to see different types of problem solutions.” (Source: Innermetrix)

Those in sales leadership roles who have this talent are able to “integrate  all the variables of a situation into a single homogenous picture, and then use this understanding to make decisions regarding planning, resource allocation, problem solving, etc.”  (Source: Innermetrix)

Another way to think of this ability is being a master puzzle solver.

For those lacking this skill, they may tend to be unable to see the most obvious solution to the problem. Much like “if it (the problem) had been a snake, it would have bit me.”

There could also be an overly focus on one element or piece of the problem such as people, strategies, processes, structure, rewards (Galbraith 5 Star Model) This over focus may create a well trodden, one way path for all problems creating “narrow habits” and restricting the use of  “other problem solving techniques or methods.” (Source: Innermetrix)

The sales leadership talent of integrative ability is even more important in today’s crowded market place because it provides two immediate competitive advantages:

  1. To see what the sales lead may not see
  2. To connect the salesperson’s solution to the value as perceived by the potential ideal customer

Of course, this sales leadership talent does not work in isolation.  Other talents support this sales skill such as:

Possibly one of the biggest challenges for anyone in sales leadership is not knowing his or her talents. This lack of critical knowledge may have the salesperson working harder on the wrong things. With time being a constant, the question boils down to can you afford not to know this sales leadership talent of integrative ability as well as the other talents mentioned?

If you want to really know what you do well, this talent assessment may be the key to unlock even more sales results for you.

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