The Language of Emotional Intelligence in Sales

Emotional intelligence combines intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences as defined by Howard Gardner as well as our ability to motivate ourselves and to manage these emotions within ourselves and within the relationships we have with others (Daniel Goleman). In business and especially in sales, the capacity of emotional intelligence is generally related to the capacity to increase sales as people buy from people. Further adding into the mix is buying and selling are an exchange of emotions given that sales is the transference of feelings (Zig Ziglar).

So to increase sales begins with understanding and leveraging the language of emotional intelligence. However, the majority (over 50%) of the sales training programs I have researched fail to focus on this critical aspect of the human element.  Technical sales skills from asking the right questions such as SPIN selling to how to maintain solid customer relationships always seem to take priority.  Even topics on communication that discuss non-verbal, truly ignore the impact of emotional intelligence.

The language of emotional intelligence in sales is one that very few have mastered.  For to master this much needed sales skill requires time through trial and error. Sales Training Coaching Tip:  There are proven assessments that establish a benchmark for your emotional intelligence.

One doable strategy is to be more selective in the words used during any exchange.  Words such as should, need or must imply a judgement  By replacing these non-emotionally intelligent words with  such as “suggest,” or “consider” demonstrates the breath of what it means to be truly an emotionally intelligent salesperson.

Even the words you say to yourself can affect your motivation to increase sales.  I just ended a conversation with someone who used the word “try” more times than I could count.

  • “I am trying to get into…”
  • “I am trying to get my book published…”
  • “I am trying to refocus the vision for my company…”

Words such as try, think, might, do not motivate you, but rather provide a back door excuse not to be successful.  By using this phrase, “my goal is to  increase sales.” is far more productive.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is another doable strategy that recognizes the language of emotional intelligence.  By being aware how others process communication, allows you to improve your relationships with them.

So if you want to increase sales, then consider improving your own emotional intelligence.  Who knows, you may be surprised by the results.

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