How to Increase Sales – Be Emotionally Intelligent

Sometimes if we are fortunate and have our minds open, we can potentially see how not to increase sales through our interactions with others especially at business to business networking events.  One behavior that is continually reflected is emotional intelligence or in some cases lack thereof.

This past week I had an opportunity to connect with a new person.  After introductions, I repeated her name and was immediately corrected because I failed to use her middle name. The correction was done brusquely and at 40 miles per hour.

Then discussion turned to some local events and all I heard was “that was mine” or “I.”  This women’s business was specific to communications which gave me some pause for concern. Her conversations stepped on others because of her desire to correct any misinformation and return the focus of the conversation to her and her business.

As I listened to this person, I must admit I could see myself years ago before I became aware of the power of emotional intelligence.  This individual was clueless about the emotions of others around here. She made little attempt to recognize the emotions of others, but her behavior squashed those potential emotions because the conversation was all about her. Sales Training Coaching Tip:  Big egos or my way or the highway usually suggest a lack of emotional intelligence.

Being emotionally intelligent or having emotional intelligence is not difficult as it already exists in all of us.  This particular leadership characteristic does require an investment of time to understand what constitutes emotional intelligence and a commitment to consistently apply this knowledge. Sales Training Coaching Tip:  Read any of Daniel Goleman’s books on emotional intelligence.

As to the success of this women’s business, since she has been in business for 20 years, obviously she has been successful. However, I just wonder how much more successful could she be if she became more emotionally intelligent? From my perspective, I would never recommend her.

How to increase sales is not just one sales skill, one leadership talent, but rather a combination of sales skills and talents along with life experiences and one’s personality. Emotional intelligence is more like the glue, the binding agent that holds what makes a person who she or he is. And what is so great about emotional intelligence is that you can by intentional beliefs and behaviors make that glue stronger and stronger.

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“Emotional intelligence is more often than not the language of silence, of observation, of listening rather than speaking.” 

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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