Content Marketing May Be Your Sales Achilles Heel

Last month I had an epiphany when listening to Ari Galper ask this question about content marketing:  If you are providing the answer for free in your postings, why would anyone buy from you?

content-marketingHis comment had me thinking and I realized that I was not helping my sales by being the all knowing seer for those seeking to overcome SMB challenges from poor sales to employee engagement.

People want to help people.

This is a natural human condition.

Those within executive coaching and SMB sales consulting probably have this desire even more.

Then I started thinking about some of the better keynote speakers I had heard.  Now another epiphany happened.  Many of these speakers do not provide solutions or answers.  No they inspire people to take action and that inspired action is directed to the speaker.

Each speech is verbal content marketing. The speaker shares his or her experiences relative to the demographics of the group.  He or she makes an emotional connection in that “I feel your pain; I have been there, done that.” 

How many times have you watched others in the audience shaking their head in agreement?

Then the speaker continues exploring all that pain while providing some hope, but not necessarily a solution.

Learning how to stop giving away free solutions in content marketing is not easy. Yet it can be done while still demonstrating your expertise.  Writing solutions is easy.  Making that deeper emotional connection is probably just a tad more difficult.

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