Find Your Joy; Find Your Success in Doing

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Your joy is found not in finishing an activity, but doing it.” Greg Anderson. How often do we fail to find joy?  What would happen if our joy was directly connected to our doing something, whatever?  Would we be more motivated; have more enjoyment and ultimately experience more success?

All human being shared the same destination, that being death. Our journeys to that final end of the road are indeed different and unique as we are all different and unique individuals.

Far too long people have been lead to believe that knowledge is power and ultimately success. That is not true.

Only when we apply knowledge, do something, do we gain power. We now know what we know and know what we don’t know. We learn through our mistakes of doing and gain additional even more more knowledge and continued success. As John Maxwell wrote years ago “We fail forward.”

Our joy and consequently our success is directly connected to our purpose:

Why are we here right now in this moment of time?

After reading the On Purpose Person by Kevin McCarthy, I wrote my purpose statement and it hasn’t really changed much during the last 20 years.

I am a trailblazer.

For those who read this blog and some of my other writings, they will recognize how I challenge the status quo by blazing a trail that others have chosen not to take.  For example, many of my contemporaries believe salespeople create value.  I don’t and continue to write about how value is unique to each person or buyer.

Then there are my thoughts about public education, college debt and an ill equipped workforce.  Until we dismantle the current system and construct a new system based on what motivates people to learn we will still have a poorly educated and unmotivated workforce.

So what do you truly enjoy doing?

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2 Responses to “Find Your Joy; Find Your Success in Doing”

  • Leanne,
    I could not agree more … sales people do not generally create value they LINK to the VALUE that the prospect desires. They may embellish it by pointing out additional benefits but they rarely create it.

    Also, my personal take is that the value offer MAY seem the same as other prospects you have interacted with but it it not, becasue the way people wire things up in their brain is different. For example, many people are seeking a “loving relationship” but if you asked 100 people what a “loving relationship” is to them you’d get about 80 different answers.

    I’m no education expert but I get your comments about education. Have you ever seen anything that Dr John Demartini writes about education ? He lectures around the world on “personal development”. I once heard him say that he gave a presentation to 700 teenage students in South Africa. The students were there becasue they were said to be “problem” learners. John’s presentation was to go from 5-7pm …. the whole audience was still there at 8pm and all the parents were outside waiting astounded that there kids were not ready to leave. The same kids that were disruptive in class and couldn’t sit still and couldn’t wait to get out of school were still riveted to their seats after 3 hours !

  • Greg – First apologies in the delay for approving. Second, thank you for that affirmation.

    As to your observations about people’s brains being wired differently, I agree. Piaget called it disequilibrium. When we are exposed to something new, we attempt to match it to our existing schema. During this time we are in a state of disequilibrium. If we can make a match, we keep that new fact, if we can’t make a match, we discard it.

    Yes I have come across the writings of Dr. Demartini. What he calls personal development, I call self-leadership.

    When we reach people at their level instead of attempting to impose our level on them, we can begin to engage them. Some call this emotional intelligence, others call it respect or for me it is just plain common sense.

    You may find the work of Deci in the book Why You Do What you Do of interest. He is a psychologist and along with a colleague, Ryan, created the Theory of Self Determination based on quantitative research.

    Leanne Hoagland-Smith
    219.508.2859 – MST

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