Maybe It’s Time to Show You LOVE Your Employees?

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and as they say “love was in the air.” What would happen if we bring LOVE into the workplace for employees?  Possibly this would increase employee engagement and improve the overall workplace culture?



Maybe we could even unit this concept of LOVE with the Theory of Self-Determination to further motivate employees?  What would this look like?

L – Learning

According to Deci and Ryan, the Theory of Self-Determination rests upon three (3) internal and therefore intrinsic motivators unique to all human beings.  The first motivator is Mastery.  People want to master their surroundings.  We witness this motivator with young children who have incredible curiosity.

Learning is how we master our environment. The challenge is providing learning that the employees desire.  For example, research specific to millennials show they are not learning what they want, that being leadership development.

O – Opportunities

Each day we are presented with opportunities,  We can choose to do one thing or another.  Employees are far more motivated when they also have opportunities to choose.  Within the Theory of Self-Determination this is called Autonomy.  Think about it for just a moment. How do you feel when you are told to do something versus how do you feel when you have a choice?

V – Values

Your values, those key, non-negotiable behaviors, we demonstrate can be directly connected to all three internal motivators.  In today’s ever changing world, learning is a value.  We can no longer be content with the status quo. To maintain any competitive level requires ongoing learning.

Choice is another value. We can choose to behave in one way or another.  Our ability for empathy allows us to make choices specific to our purpose.  SMBs that fail to consistently communicate and enforce values are potentially demotivating their employees and creating a disengaged workplace culture.

E – Empathy

When we have empathy, we are demonstrating our ability to relate to others.  Business, leadership and sales are all about people.  By being empathetic, we show we care.  As President Teddy Roosevelt said “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Caring can be directly traced back to our purpose for not only being in business, but being a social creature.  Purpose (relatedness to others) is the third motivator within the Theory of Self-Determination.

Consider bringing a little LOVE to your employees and maybe you can turn those just engaged employees into actively engaged ones.  Who knows you may even increase your bottom line.

* * * * *

Leanne Hoagland-Smith is THE People and Process Problem Solver. She supports forward thinking leadership in bridging the gaps between the two problems restricting strategic business growth – people and processes. Leanne can be reached at 219.508.2859 central time USA.  Follow her on Twitter or check out her profile on LinkedIn.

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