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Coaching programs are plentiful with some actually promising significant results. What makes my coaching solutions unique are these three (3) factors:

  1. Strategic thinking with new ideas – Thinking the same way and without a desired end result will not move you ahead of the flow, but keep you behind the flow always swimming just to catch up.
  2. Processes supported by proven and tailored tools – Having written and documented processes are critical because then you can continue improve upon them. Tools from simple goal worksheets to one page action plans to even productivity and communication tools can propel you, your people, your business and your profits forward.
  3. Connectivity – Becoming connected to the right people be they potential new customers to centers of influence supports positive growth. Also connectivity extends to new knowledge, free publicity opportunities as well as connecting your existing solutions with the strategies and processes to create new innovation.

These critical 3 elements allow for me and my firm ADVANCED SYSTEMS to Just Be Valuable to our clients, colleagues and community.

By embracing this Just Be Valuable approach allows for the offering of tailored solutions specifically constructed for SMB with 150 employees or less. I have worked with much larger firms and these solutions work equally as well.

Sales Talent Coaching 30 Day Solution – Until you truly know and learn how to leverage your talents, you are most likely to continue to work harder and not smarter. This is a 14 day coaching program that includes:

  • Proven talent assessment (Internet delivered)
  • Tailored personalized written debriefing report
  • Professional debrief of that assessment includes action workbook
  • Two sessions – one 1.5 hours for the debriefing and second 30 minute session 2 weeks later
  • Email support

Using a proven goal setting process, you will construct a one-page goal driven sales action plan along with a personal one-page action plan to further help leverage your now known talents.

Red Jacket Small Business and Sales Coaching Program – Based upon the book Be the Red Jacket in a sea of gray suits, this is the highest and most intensive coaching program. This approach provides for:

  • Proven talent assessment. (Internet delivered)
  • Professional debrief of that assessment includes action workbook.
  • An action plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • Establish, monitor and achieve specific sales goals.
  • Construct your overall one page business action plan including these one page sub plans of marketing; sales; customer loyalty; growth & innovation; management & leadership and financials.
  • Reinforce your talents as you work your plan.
  • Develop those talents necessary for sales success based upon the sales talent assessment through tailored learning that meets your needs

The  schedule is as follows:

  • Week one – 1.5 hours or 1 hour
  • Week two – 30 minutes or 1hour
  • Week three – 1.5 hours or 1 hour
  • Week four – 30 minutes or 1 hour

With unlimited email, emergency phone calls and the 4 hours of one on one executive coaching each month, this solution provides the necessary support and clarity required to take your business or role to that next level.

Whether you decide for  the Sales Talent Coaching, Red Jacket Small Business or Sales Coaching Programs, there are no long-term contracts for any of these coaching solutions. You can cancel at any time because you are in control.

So you made your decision. What are the next steps?

  1. Select the coaching solution that best works for you.
  2. Call 219.508.2859 Central Time to have an initial conversation to ensure this solution will work for you.
  3. If agreement is reached and after payment is received, you will receive your first assessment as well as the workbook (mailed via USPS for U.S. residents excluding Alaska and Hawaii.) We will then schedule the first coaching session as well as the next three additional sessions.

Since you are in control, this process is very simple. Now is the time for you to take action if you truly wish to move from where you are now to where you wish to be.

Know – Choose – Create Your Sales Success with

Continued peace and abundance,

Coach Lee
Leanne Hoagland-Smith

P.S. If you are seeking something more intensive such as leadership development, customer service training,  team building, continuous improvement or even wanting to embrace sustainability, please call 219.508.2859 near Chicago, IL CST.  I look forward to working with you and supporting you  to realize your sales goals along with those very important dreams.

Feel free to share this information.

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