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One of the questions I continually hear is “Coach Lee, what do you do?”  To be able to answer this question for myself and well as for others has been an evolving process. My response today has much greater clarity and focus than even two years ago or when I opened my executive coaching and consulting practice.

“I am the trusted authority for SMB sales culture and results.”

If I have additional time, I add the following:

“By working with  forward thinking leaders who are in aggressive growth;  facing sales culture barriers and unacceptable results, we succeed together to solve the real problems, people and processes, not the symptoms others have attempted to solve.

This clarity came to me after  reviewing the psychographics of my current clients along with some past ones, they shared these seven (7) commonalities:

  • SMB Leaders in aggressive growth
  • High positive core values
  • Forward thinking
  • Status quo creating under-performing  teams
  • Partnership
  • Sustainability
  • Results

Then I also realized these three (3) core values are present in all interactions:

  1. Strategic Thinking
  2. Proven processes and tools
  3. Connectivity

Finally I recognized that all problems we face be it in organizations or as individuals fall into one of two categories and sometimes both:

  1. People
  2. Process

This reflection is why I have re-framed my answer to the questions of “What do you do?

I am the trusted authority for SMB sales culture and results where the real problems of people and processes are solved.

Of course, sometimes, I also respond with “I just make people uncomfortable.”

For small business success more so today than ever before is about developing and aligning human capital with organizational initiatives to create a high performance culture.

With 98.2% of all small businesses having 99 employees or less and the majority of solutions have been formulated within the 1.8%, this disconnect is part of the problem as to why small businesses cannot secure sustainable results and that culture of high performance.

Those 3 key values require a little more explanation.

*Strategic Thinking – Strategy comes from the Greeks for a General to defeat his enemies. In modern terms, this means for you to out think, out maneuver, your perceived competitors.

*Proven Processes & Tools – Without establishing a process, the role of Captain Wing It so appears where a spraying and praying mentality becomes the norm within the small business.

*Connectivity  – My belief is in today’s small business world it is all about connectivity. This may translate into meeting a new person to connecting you with a pertinent article to even connecting you with information about yourself or your small business that you did not know or realize.

These three differentiators are truly the basic core values of ADVANCED SYSTEMS as well as myself.

As to my process, I believe in simplicity. There is you the seller with a product or service and then there is your potential customer. Now in between the two of you are many real (the status quo) and imagined obstacles and that is where there may be some difficulty.

Second, my goal is to help you separate the confusion that exists within the marketplace specific to sales and strategic business growth.

Sales is the overall process from looking for that first handshake (researching your potential target market) to earning the sale (securing a signed contract) to asking for three referrals. Within this sales process are both marketing and selling skills. And the end result is strategic business growth.

The key difference is your entire organization must embraced a sales culture where all customers both external and internal are actively engaged.

Third, until you know your talents, you may be working as the expression goes “much harder and not smart enough.” I include a performance assessment that is multi-dimensional in that it provides robust information specific to your:

  • Decision-making styles both externally and internally
  • Core talents or attributes
  • Levels of optimism and pessimism both externally and internally
  • Ability to handle stress
  • Specific talents relative to your Production Management, Sales Skills and Time Management

If you just want to know your talents, I have an abridged talent assessment report to meet that want.

Sales Training Coaching Tip:  95% of my clients do not know their top 3 talents as measured by this assessment instrument.

For sales teams be them management to customer service because everyone is in sales this data can be analyzed to show how the team can leverage the inherent talents  to improve sales results. Within this overall evaluation process including a 60-90 minute debrief, I have embedded a proven results achievement  process (think goal achievement)  to help you apply newly learned knowledge from this proven assessment.

Fourth, using your talents and uniting them with a proven developmental process (be it sales, management, customer service or executive leadership) you can begin to craft a solid plan of action reinforced with written goals.

Fifth, everyone is in sales. It is just some people get paid for selling while others do not. To increase sales requires you to build mutually beneficial relationships, to educate not sell potential customers and to be true to your own positive core values.

With over 30 years in sales, a Masters in Science from Purdue University, author of over 1,600 articles, weekly business columnist for Post-Tribune of Northwest Indiana, regular contributor to NBiz Magazine as well as to other regional business journals and the author of Be the Red Jacket in a Sea of Gray Suits, I believe in a no nonsense approach.

Additionally, I am affiliated with several organizations  and have created extensive strategic partnerships that allow me to:

  • Create tailored solutions that meet your budgetary needs
  • Work with your learning styles
  • Integrate the most current effective learning and training research
  • Make referrals when your problems are not in my areas of expertise

So if you are a forward thinking leader who is tired of the status quo; faced with aggressive growth and truly desires improved and sustainable results for your team, then I look forward to speaking with you.  Please feel free to call me, Coach Lee,  at 219.508.2859 or you can visit my main website to learn more. Until we connect, please continue to have a life filled with incredible peace and abundance.

P.S. Comments are always welcomed pro or con. However, comments will be deleted ( will not edit any comments as this action in and by itself may create additional problems) if they show any signs of not being written by a real person (hint – leave a name that somewhat matches your email address), if they use inappropriate language or if the purpose is “bad mouthing” for only that reason.

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